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baby opening mouth and shaking head side to side.

I'd like some advice as to me it doesn't seem normal, as I never noticed this in friends' children, as hey are near enough same age as my own.

But my 7 months old has started for no reason at all, by opening his mouth and shaking his head side to side, and sometimes whilst doing this he has is hands up either side of his head. 

He's a slow developer due to being preemie baby, but he's never done his before. So I was wondering if anyone else's kids have done anything similar or the same thing and if it is perfectly normal?


  • Hi, I know this post is a few months old, but just wondered if anything came of the head shaking. We've got the same thing happening just now, my baby is 7.5 months and has been doing it for a while - mouth wide open, head shaking - and I assumed it was due to excitement.. now I'm starting to question it as you do! Thanks

  • Hello, i know your posts are a few years old now but wondered if you found out why your babies were shaking their head and if it was anything to worry about? My babies 8.5 months and has been doing it for a while now. Thanks. 

  • Are u breast feeding? As baby mite be telling u MILK! Hehe :) if not then i dont think its anything to be worried about but if ur worried go docs xx 

  • AaMmyy, my baby was 100% fine. Although she still shakes her head at the most amusing moments! I'm sure she doesn't understand it means 'No' yet, but it tends to be when we ask if she likes something! Anyway, it was just another phase, like all their quirks. Wanted to reply as I know how worrying it all is. But, yes, as far as I know my little one perfectly healthy and now 13 months 

  • Thats great to hear, Bless her! I cant wait till my next one comes now i got 9 days left till my DD. So scared but excited :D xx

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