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Do you find cafes and coffee shops a lifesaver now you're a mum?


We've just read this thank-you note (below), sent by an exhausted, sleep-deprived new mum, to a cafe owner who opened up specially for her and made her a coffee.

And we think it's just lovely.

This mum also has post-natal depression, and shared her letter with the Australian post-natal-depression support group PANDA (which is how we heard about it).

And it's made us think how much cafes and coffee shops can be a place of refuge when you have a small baby – they're somewhere to go (and get you out of the house) and somewhere where you can meet and chat to other new mums, or just snatch a quiet coffee and watch the world go by.

Do you agree? Do you go to cafes and coffee shops with your baby? Are the ones near you friendly to new mums and their babies?

Do please let us know by adding a post to this thread. We'd love to hear from you.


  • Lovely thing to happen. 

    I don't go to coffee shops really, as I love going out in the park. If it rains, I usually spend the day at home or with friends. My other half works night shifts so it is nice to have him at home with us during day time and I never feel lonely. 

    One of my friends goes to a coffee shop she enjoys. She says she just seats there in a corner for around 30 minutes, with her baby next to her, enjoying a coffee and it relaxes her. I think it is like a break from all the rush. 

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