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Show us your post-baby belfie! Lovely prizes to be won...


We love all the pics on the 'Show us your belfie' thread in Pregnancy so much, we thought now might be the time to start a 'Show us your post-baby belfie' thread.

Basically, we're inviting you to come along once a week/fortnight and post a belfie and tell us how many weeks' post-baby you are.

We know not everyone will feel comfortable doing this but we also know that loads of women like us feel a bit (unnecessarily) embarrassed about our post-baby bods, and we think it would be an amazing thing to see pics of other women's post-baby tums and think, 'Oh, I'm pretty normal, then!'

And once a fortnight, as a big thank you from us to you, we'll pick a name from everyone who's posted a post-baby belfie in that fortnight and send them a nice little prize.

So, just to recap, here's how to be in with the best chance of winning a prize:

1. Take a belfie (a selfie showing your post-baby tum – no need to show flesh if you don't want to!).

2. Upload it to this thread (use the little camera icon on the Add your post message box) and say how many weeks post-baby you are.

3. Repeat, once a week or once a fortnight.

Thanks so much!



  • image

    Bumpie at 36+6 and 1 week postpartum belly shot :) will upload my 4 week update later tonight xx



    Hi everyone, 


    i am glad this thread is here because I want to share my experience of post partum tummys, I have received an unexpected backlash from a few fellow mummys and I want to take this oppertunity to say that i am aware how fortunate I am however in the same way I love how women embrace there beautifull post baby tums i have just gone straight back to pre pregnancy body with doing nothing and I can't help  that It's just the way it's happend for me  my mum was the same

    I really think a lot of it is down to genetics, some people have been saying I must not be eating but I'm sorry I am eating  hubby out of house and home I have to in order to keep my milk supply up, i know this doesn't happen to all women but I want to spread the message to women that it does sometimes and it can't be helped!!! I think we all look great we've had babys for god sake! Here is me the day I went in for section. 


    2 weeks post baby coming home ( having been very ill not had a proper wash still got the hibbiscrub on my skin!)


    and finnaly me last night going out to  celebrate our baby being discharged from the consultant as his lungs are now fully inflated yay!!!!so that makes my last pic exactly a month pp X

  • the only photo I have is this one - 20 weeks post baby 😊

    first picture was taken by my other half during my labour (last bump photo 😊) second one was taken by me 20 weeks post partum ☺️ I must say I used a tummy tucker after giving birth. 

    You always have great ideas, MFM! 




  • So deep breath, here goes.  My last belfie prior to going to theatre for c section then my 1 week post partum belly.  slightly bruised/swollen but starting to settle.

    image   image  image

    Will aim to take a weekly pic and hopefully see some progress. Not in any hurry to 'get back' but interesting to see nonetheless 😄 

  • Where's the cat sunny5?

  • Ha there's 2 of my 3 in the bottom pic! 🐈 They've become more protective since bringing little one home and are great company when I do night feeds 😊

  • Ha there's 2 of my 3 in the bottom pic 🐈

    They've become more protective since bringing little one home and are great company when I do night feeds 😊 

  • What on earth is wrong with me sunny5 - I totally missed them! Love it when your cats crash the pics!

  • image

    5 week postpartum

  • Ok here goes! I have what i call a typical 'mum tum'!! The problem isnt weight... I am only a few pounds off my pre pregnancy weight... But since my pregnancy / childbirth i have lost all my muscle tightness in my abdomen... So in the morning my tummy looks nice & flat & i feel really good about myself... But as soon as i eat or drink anything i balloons out & i feel so self conscious! know once i start working out again that it should tighten up again... But right now i'm so tired I dont have the energy to go to the gym! In the meantime i am trying to be kind to nyself & remind myself that the priority is just enjoying being a mum! :)

    so here is my 11 week post partum pictures... Taken yesterday... One first thing in the morning, the other in the evening so you can see what i mean.

    anyone else have a similar experience?


  • You're looking fab sw2! Exercise kind've takes a back seat for a while after having a baby.  I am a keen cyclist and swimmer but can't see myself finding the energy /enthusiasm for either anytime soon!  Going to start with building up the walking and do some gentle abdo exercises once I've been given the all clear post c section.x 

  • My 2-3 week post c-section pic. Gradually deflating! 


  • Hi everyone,
    Sorry, we've been so tardy in picking a winner on this post-baby-belfie thread! Our apologies!
    The first winner is..... Supersquish! We will have your prize sent out shortly (we'll post a pic of your prize and the next one on this thread tomorrow)
    Thank you all SO MUCH for posting your post-baby belfie pics - we think it's fantastic to see all the different tums, and we know it's a brave thing to do!
    Right, the next winner will be annouced on January 7 2016 so we can avoid Christmas mayhem, so please keep them coming!

  • Hello again everyone. Just popping on to blush rather HUGELY and say we can't post up a pic of your prize, supersquish (or any future prize, for that matter) because we haven't been to the shops and bought it yet!

    Sorry about that - my fault entirely. And I hadn't told DanielleMFM about my shopping failure, so she wasn't to know.

    Also, purely to preserve my own blood-pressure levels (it's stressful this prize-shopping thing!), I think we'll put back the announcement of the next winner by a week to Thursday January 14th.

    Please do keep posting your pics, though. It's amazing to see them – and such a brilliant way to share such an honest image of our post-baby bodies. Thank you, and keep em coming! 

  • 39 week bump had him 2 days after now 11 weeks post and 1 stone 6lb down lost 16lb 1st week after having him now lighter than I was before pregnancy can't believe I'm posting these pics :/ xxxxxximage

  • Hi linz1234, how wonderful to see your name pop up, and thank you so much for sharing your post-baby belfie - you're doing bloomin' brilliant!

  • Thank you Danielle I've got a lot to loose after putting a lot on through previous pregnancies but determined to do it lol xxxx

  • image 

    4 weeks post cesarean in my Christmas pjs! Currently on antibiotics for infection in wound and mastitis 😌

  • Hi! 

    Thi is my first post on madeformums as I'm a new mam and have only just joined 😀 (Not really up to speed on the acronyms).

    Its great to see other people are expereincing similar challenges to me - really helpful site and some great info! 

    My first picture is pre-pregnancy, second pic is 41+5 pregnant and third pic was today 5 weeks post labour! Ive gained alot of weight (stomach fat) during pregnancy and this wasnt really noticeable when I had a bump, but its certainly noticeable now! 

    Would love to get back to the gym but sleep deprivation is awful, and looking after my LO is my priority as a lot of you can probably relate 👍🏻 

    Steph Xx


  • Hiya Steph89, welcome to MadeForMums, it's fab to have you here and thank you so much for posting your pics - think you look rather wonderful 5 weeks post baby! And yeah, the gym can wait! All in good time! (Get the baby sleeping first!)

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