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7 weeks still bleeding

my baby boy will be 8 weeks saturday and he was delivered by a c section. This is my 3rd baby so its all odd that things are so different.

with my first 2 bleeding after birth one normal and one section stopped at 2 weeks yet I'm still bleeding.

iv had a scan today and they said some thing has shown up but they are unsure what, they have put me on 2 types of antibiotic's and given me the pill to take (bit odd as I was sterilised after delivering my son) told me if the bleeding does not stop in 3 months to go back!

They also said my womb lining is thicker than it should be??? After having a baby!

has anyone else had this??


  • Congrats hun jeez not been on here for months. Hope u and ur boys are well. I bled for 5 months after my csec, 9 lots of anti biopics and a few scans revealed a haematoma that they weren't bothered about. Never followed it up didn't really seem to care. I found the post cesarean care from the NHS in my area how shall we say.......lacking lol x

  • Hello huni long time no see! Yes baby Cameron is here now 


    oh wow! I'm hoping mine won't go on that long lol it's nice to know it's not only our team that don't seem to care! I do feel it was a rushed appointment today like they didn't care much, I had my baby what's the problem lol

    hope your all well, are you set for Xmas?? 

    Harry has started to walk now image

    Mans Lennon is doing fab at nursery image

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