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im new here

my baby was born on 28th October 2015 and its really not been easy she was born by emergency C-section weighing 4lb 1oz I was very lucky to be aloud to take her home 3 days after she was born ive really struggled with her feeding because of her size its so important to make sure she getting enough milk she was drinking 35mls when she was born she now on 60mls but she has really bad projectile sicking her reflux is so bad I took her to the doctors they gave her gaviscon which didn't help  ,she is basically bringing all the milk back up of what she drinksshe is bottle feed and on sma I found a sma staydown milk which has kept her sicking down but she is drinking less of it and constantly crying not to sure what to do xx


  • Hi and congratulations on your baby daughter! Sorry to hear you are finding it tough :( my first baby had reflux and was sick a lot, for us it got a lot better by 12 weeks old - hopefully it will for you too! Is she your first? Perhaps it might be worth mentioning to the health visitor, or taking her back the doctor, to see if they can give you any other advice/things to try? Hang in there, hope things get better soon!

  • Hi Debbie, my baby used to do this after every feed. We tried the Gaviscon and it didn't make any real difference. Make sure you're using the smallest teets, and feed slower - so give your girl a little milk, and wind after she's had say 10mls. Wait a short time, then feed again - basically you need to drag out the feed and make sure she doesn't over feed, as this is why it sometimes comes back up.

    Just wanted to say this is so much more common than you think, and although it looks like the whole feed is coming out, it's not.

    It's really traumatic while it's happening, but she will grow out of it - promise x

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