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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our December 2015 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby and we reckon they deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've just had a baby (born Dec 2015), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a super lovely , friendly lot!



  • Nice new thread! 

    Hadepop I had to go on antibiotics for dodgey wound too. Have 2 small open areas that were leaking and a bit whiffy (nice!). Are you feeling unwell with it?  I've got small foam dressings on and it seems to be settling down. Hope you heal up soon xx

  • Hi Sunny!

    Not sure if im feeling unwell or still aneamic lol!

    Just had it redressed and OH has been despatched to the pharmacy for antibiotics & dressings... He is going to attempt the night feeds tonight as he made the mistake of actually looking at the wound & was a bit shocked & suprised that I hadnt complained more I think...Bless Him!

    Not sure I would cope so well of baby Beatrice wasn't so chilled :-)

    Got an appt for dressing to be changed again tomorrow, instructions to expose the area to air and do as little as possible x

  • Hi ladies.

    One very unhappy mummy to be here 😔 just got back from the hospital. I've got to have a planned c section on Monday, so I'm very disappointed and extremely upset. Given all the issues last time I am very very frightened and feel like a bit of a failure.

    Having said that, they said they would only use a section as a last resort so I have to trust that they are the professionals and know what's best. Baby's head is very very high and he's a big boy. They have said chances are I won't go into Labour naturally and if I did I wouldn't manage it. 

    So....there we have it, a 2016 baby rather than a 2015!!

  • Swanny, I am sorry to hear that. I understand the disappointment as I had an emergency csection and have been told I can never have a natural birth :-( so I feel the huge disappointment and failure too. My midwife mentioned having something called birth reflections a month or two after the birth to help talk through the reasons and emotions. 

    I really hope you are able to have the birth you want but if you have to have a csection then it sounds like it will have needed to happen for both you and baby's safety. And maybe birth reflections might be worth it for you too.

    Sending love and how exciting a 2016 baby. 


  • Thanks runner. My first pregnancy ended in an emergency section, then I was back in cos of infection and wound opening when he was 10 days old, then in March 2014 I had to have corrective surgery from the c section and a hernia repair cos of the c section going wrong. So it's quite worrying.

    It might help to talk to someone i guess . Although the health visitor has said they would keep an eye on me should a c section happen again x

  • Oh Swanny

    Sorry, I know how much you wanted to avoid a section :-( 

    I am told that planned is so much calmer etc...I know we were all talking about old fashioned sweets whilst they tried to site my epidural.

    Hopefully they will keep a very close eye on you so any issues can be cleared up straight away...assume you will be priority and first in as well due to your history.

    I had no choice as you know due to breach but as my placenta fragmented and I lost so much blood I would have ended up in theatre after a natural, so I have to believe that everything happens for a reason because I was already in the best place for those things to happen xxx

  • Bless you hadepop. Yes I'm just trusting their judgment as professionals, they know what's best xx

  • Aww swanny, I know how much you wanted to go naturally but my experience if a c section like so many was taken completely out of our hands, I tried to focus that although classed as emergency, it was planned and calm, no hurry or fuss and tbh it was quite relaxed ! 

    The way I look at it is this....I'm still  Rosalie's mom, and I like every one else, gave birth to her after 40 weeks of careful nurturing, I came home with a happy and healthy baby so how can I or anyone else who has a c section be a failure???  My oldest son said I'm like a warrior, because I carry the battle scars from all of my children permanently like a tattoo on my tummy and I think he is right, I will do anything for my children just like any mom and that starts at conception with enduring morning sickness and every step after ! So why would anyone feel like they failed if they need help to bring baby out and into the world?? 

    What would the alternative be??? No medical help and a dangerous birth, putting my and baby's life at risk??? 

    No hun, we are all successful warrior moms!! Each has their own battles and fears to overcome but we do it all out of love for these noisy smelly little bundles of joy who Keep us up all night and turn our hair grey when they grow up ! 

    Have faith, this time around is planned and will go smoothly I'm sure x

  • Thank you for the lovely words busymamma. At least we know when he's coming 😊 can't wait to munch him now xx

  • Don't forget the pictures tho, we all can't wait to meet your little man too!

  • I will definitely remember that!! Didn't get too many of Josh so I will this time!

  • aw swanny, at least you will finally have your baby. And hopefully after your problems last time they will keep an extra eye on you. 

    Hadepop hope you are feeling better soon!

    has anyone thought about introducing routines for the little one yet? I know it's only early days, but being a first timer I didn't know wether the earlier the better for bath feed bed etc. Deian is with us until we go to bed, he will sleep all day in the crib downstairs no problem, but when it comes to nighttime in the Moses basket in the dark bedroom it takes him a lot longer to settle. 

  • Hi Gaeaf...with my first we got him into a routine pretty early on. Not a rigid one, but a bath, snuggles and go to bed routine. He was in his own room at 6 weeks old and he settled into that really well.

    Just an update for you all....I'm currently in hospital on the maternity ward. My waters decided to break at 12:30am so with the planned section and things I had to come straight in. Not in labour yet and I'm not dilated yet so got to see what's what in the morning. I can either wait a bit longer or have a section earlier so ill see. I have a snorer next to me though so not much sleep!!!!

  • Swanny!!  Things kicking off earlier for you than Monday then it seems!  I started to write a reply yesterday to your post about needing cesarean but Elliott had other ideas. busymamma has put it so well (and made me well up with what she wrote!) she's right,  no matter how are babies arrive,  we are loving, caring mums who do right by our bundles. Just thought, out of us regulars there has been a high percentage of cesarean births.

    Keep us posted and hope you managed some sleep with the snorer!! 

    Gaeaf, I was thinking of routines. Had one quite early on with Cerys as she had to follow the pattern of her brother getting up for preschool, bath and bedtime etc. Plus with bottle feeding her there were more set times for feeds. With breastfeeding Elliott it's on demand so more challenging to establish any sortve pattern. Im hoping when the family go back to a normal routine after Christmas hols it will be easier to get our days a bit more organised. 

    How did your husband get on with the night feeds hadepop?  Did you manage to get a bit more sleep?  Are you still on iron too? 

    Off to get Elliott weighed this morning then on to shopping for Craig to buy some new work clothes as he's starting a new job Monday. I'm not even looking at clothes yet as still in leggings.


  • Ooh Swanny, you may yet have a 2015 baby :-) I don't think anyone sleeps on those wards do they?!

    I am hoping to start more of a routine after the next couple of days, @ the mo still sleeping downstairs due to flippin wound infection...however OH did the 11pm & 2:30am feeds so I got a good chunk of sleep last nighy and feel miles better :-) 

    Looking forward to your update Swanny; good luck xxx

  • Good luck Swanny!

  • Good luck swanny XXX

    I noticed our thread has had a group GH number of c section deliveries too sunny but like you said, dosnt matter how they get here as long as they are happy and healthy! 

    Me n hubby were chatting about this year and how things gave changed so much....this time last yr I was on meds to try and regulate my cycle and was told I only had a slim chance of conceiving as we had been TTC for well over a yr and a half yet here I sit with a baby snuggled on my chest (with hiccups ) and I couldn't be happier! 

    Let's hope 2016 continues to build on happiness and health for everyone xx

  • Group GH??? Supposed to be greater - stupid phone !

  • Busymamma...too true! Last year we weren't into Christmas because it had only been a month since our miscarriage & ERPC that we thought we'd never recover from & this year we barely noticed Christmas because we were too busy looking at and looking after our little princess...makes me really appreciate our beautiful healthy little girl, doesnt matter how she arrived 😆😇x

  • I've missed a lot. Sorry your feeling poorly Hadepop. Unfortunately u was the same after my section ended up in hospital twice with iv antibiotics but finally got the all clear. I hope it heals soon makes things so much more difficult. I was told to rest for two weeks after mine ruptured and became infected so take it easy. 

    Good luck swanny I hope it goes well. It must be hard with your last experience of a csection. I too was disappointed having a csection and general anaesthetic so no one saw her being born. I felt a failure after as j was so ill i couldn't care for her. But I'd still so it again they could rip my open and turn me inside out if it meant she was safe. It's hard not to feel disappointed but as busymamma said it's like we are warriors, the scars and wounds show how much we wanted then here safely. Although I still can't look at mine. I hope all goes well. Your in my thoughts.  

    Gaeaf15 I'd love to get mone into a routine as she isn't sleeping at night she screamed on and off between 10pm and 7am last night.  She's got an upset stomach as I had to change to formal with all my infections. She sleeps well during the day and you can't wake her but at night once in moses basket she can't settle any ideas would be helpful 

    It's strange what a did fend a year makes this time last year I was upset after our miscarriage earlier in the year as baby would of been born in December this year barley noticed christmas as was ill and trying to care for pumpkin. Despite all the crap I feel blessed. 

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