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Need advice.

Hello guys, I have a 2 week old baby, and I'm a little concerned about him, at least twice maybe three times a day he will start choking for no reason, It will start with him gagging as if he was going to be sick then he will start chocking. Really worried and confused why he is doing this as I find myself some times staying up all night just to make sure he is okay. Just wondering if any of you mums out there have experienced this. I've asked the midwife and health visitor about this and they've said some babies do it but if I'm honest I don't think it's right, babies shouldn't just choke for no reason. 


  • Probably best to see a Doctor 

  • Gosh, that sounds unusual, Meme210.

    If the midwife and health visitor aren't too worried, that's a good sign but if it's still worrying you, I'd see your doctor. No one will mind (you know your child best and every good doctor will respect that).

    Does he choke after a feed? Or is it at all sorts of other times too?

  • Probably best to see a doctor sounds unusual HelenMFM?  Really?  I would of thought this to be best as Katiecox is obviously worried.  Sometimes you have to go up the chain to get more answers.  

  • My wee boy did this (only a few times tho) turned out to be teething early and he was producing a lot of drool which he would choke on. 

    If you are unsure see a doctor. put your mind at rest. Better safe than sorry :) 

  • Have you managed to see your doctor, Katiecox97? Hope it's all turned out OK.

    Meme210: Sorry if my earlier post was confusing - like you, I was definitely suggesting Katiecox97 see her doctor about this but maybe that didn't come across properly...

  • You directed your comment about "gosh that sounds unusual" at me.  You appear to be the one who is confused, Which is why it didn't come across properly.  Apologie accepted.  

  • Oh blimey, NOW I see what I did, Meme210 (blush). I was replying to Katiecox97 (thinking the choking thing was unusual) but I typed your name instead - must have looked up the thread but not far enough.

    I can see why you thought I was a bit weird/rude. So sorry. I clearly need new specs!

  • Not a problem at all.  I sometimes type things wrong too.  

  • Katiecox... My son did the exact same thing since he was a few days old. We looked up the symptoms & spoke with our doctor who confirmed our thoughts that it was reflux.... the acid coming back up irritates their throats causing the choking action.

    i would have a chat with your doctor... Dayton was put on baby Zantac (antacid) & although he still throws up a lot, he very rarely chokes anymore.

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