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Advice wanted on travelling with children...

Hi, we are taking our daughter to Madrid in May (she’ll be 17 months old). Having never flown with a toddler before, does anyone have any tips for how to have a smoothish trip? Also, how much food and formula are we allowed to take on the flight? 

Would we need to take the car seat with us in case we get taxis in Spain (we aren’t hiring a car so it wouldn’t be used much), and are there any essentials we should pack but may not have thought of (we know the obvious things like fav toys, buggy, sun cream, weather appropriate clothing), and are things like the nappies we are used to at home readily available in Spain?

Finally, does anyone know of good places to visit with children in Madrid? As well as DD, we will have DS with us who is 8.



  • I went to gran carnia with my daughter wen she was roughly the same was 4hour flight and did not settle well as during a day and very nosiy.i put pepper on my tablet and took pair of head phone the big one sit out side your ear. I defo take juice as dur to the plane my lil got a throat infection and ear infection. X

  • yes all shop aboard sell nappies. Take plenty sun cream also take sachets of csl calpole . Spare blankets .we use take one down to the pool or out incase fell asleep keep sun offf get er

  • Thanks for the tips! X

  • Take a spare set of clothes for you (or just a top if you cant fit trousers in too) in your flight bag... I packed spare clothes for baby but didnt think about me... He threw up on me before we even took off so i had to sit in pukey clothes the whole flight! 😝.

    i second the tip about putting some baby aps on an ipad / tablet if you have one to keep her occupied.

    re: baby food & formula... You can take as much as you need to cover you for the flight in your hand luggage (or as i did... In a cooler bag in addition to my hand luggage)... You just need to separate it out at the security checkpoint & tell them its baby formula / food. It does not have to follow the 'less than 100ml' rules. You can also take ice packs (but not ice) in to keep the bottles cool. They make you put it through the xray (which i looked into & felt reassured that this does not do any harm) & they sometimes do extra tests on it (one of our trips they did...put each bottle separetly in a machine to test for traces of drugs or explosives i guess).

    Also, whoever is carrying the baby, they test your hands (wipe over them then test the wipe) which only takes a few seconds.

    hope your trip goes well! 

  • Thanks, I wouldn't have thought to take spare clothes for myself! X

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