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Jan 16 Babies


This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in January 16 Birth Club, who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby (or babies!) and we reckon they deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've just had a baby (born Jan 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot! 

We've also got a fabulous pair of Blade & Rose leggings (see pic) to send to those who join this thread in the next week or so, so get posting!




  • Lovely you do look After us MFM, I was the first Jan mum with my due date 8th Jan but Jensen making an appearance on 18th December, image

  • My goodness Caroline, Jensen has come on so much in a month! Won't you PM us your address so we can pop you some of those lovely leggings over please?

  • Not quite jan babies but our two born 29th December due date is tomorrow 20.01.16 three weeks old today image

  • Oh Kayagh, they melt my heart - and they are so alike! Please do PM me your addy and we'll have those leggings sent out soon.

  • Kayleigh had her blood tests done today she is so brave barely cries loves the sugar solution they give her too.  Should get results soon or on Thursday hoping it shows her hb count is high enough to avoid a transfusion.

  • Please do let us know Kayagh - fingers crossed for you all x

  • Fingers crossed kayagh, Jensen gets weighed again tomorrow then should stop getting home visits from health visitor if he has continued to gain weight.  x 

  • Fingers crossed Kayagh, they are so gorgeous!

    I can't believe how quickly my little man is growing, nearly out of the new born clothes. Still not getting any real sleep though :(

  • Oh rambosmum, feel your pain about the sleep - hopefully some kind of routine will come within the next few weeks. In the meantime, please PM me your address for those leggings.

  • They have barely grown we are still in micro nappies size 1 drowns them and we have only just started wearing newborn clothes still in up to 7.5 lb stuff.  I always felt I never had babies with others being bigger should be careful what I wish for.

    off to doctors in the morning to ask for an urgent referral for sterilisation 

  • Haha kayagh maybe I should do the same, but my 8 year old had to be picked up from school today because she was sick at school so that's us stuck in the house for the next two days then keeping fingers crossed that we don't all come down with sickness bug!!! xx

  • Just caught up with the other thread. Congratulations Tank, she is beautiful. 

    As for feeding, I think if little man wasn't such a natural I'd have switched by now, the nights are so hard. And being the only one who can feed him is so difficult. But during the day it's so easy, not having to prep a bottle. OH would love to have a feed though. 

  • Jojo there is nothing wrong with formula feeding and if it has given you some sleep and feels right for you Heidi and oh then that's what's best for your family, I'm persevering because I know this is my last baby and I'm enjoying the closeness but he gets breast and bottle so the nights are feeds every 3-4 hours and I know exclusive breast feeding can be much much shorter breaks between feeds my problem is Jensen takes after me and is the slowest eater so each feed takes up to two hours lol X through the day taking it very leisurely to feed is not a problem unless we have an appointment to make but through the night it does feel like you'd on a never ending treadmill....., xx

  • fingers are tightly crossed for you kayagh!! but how cute do the twins look!!! absolute beauts!!!

    caroline that outfit is amazing!! I love it!!! 

    We've got a mw appointment on Friday, but the one that came to see us today (we've had 3 different ones in 3 days) said she doesn't mind popping over from the clinic on Thursday if we're still worried about her jaundice but thankfully its starting to peter out! So we'll either be discharged on friday or next Tuesday depending on how I feel and how Heidi is. we're also registering her birth on Friday, I'm so excited!! 


  • Wow jojo Heidi is an absolute peach! I do miss pink but I think having already had two pink ones a blue one is a little strange, we are still trying to master speed nappy changing lol which came as quite a surprise after changing girls.

    registering births now is so different to 8 years ago they now have a service where if you take your child benefit dorms in with you they process the birth certificate and tell all relevant government departments about the birth so you don't have to send the birth certificate anywhere we registered Jensen one week and the next I got notification that child tax credits and child benefit were processed.  So if I were you I'd remember the forms you got in the bounty pack on the post natal ward.

  • Jojofrog, please pop us a PM with your addy and name in when you have a mo and we'll have your leggings sent.

    ps are those bunny ears on Heidi or mitts?

  • So cute!

    Caroline- are you finding Jensen has any difficulty switching between bottle and breast? I think mix feeding may be the answer for me, he just feeds practically constantly, he's doing it for comfort though, as if we co-sleep close together he doesn't want to feed so often. He loves the skin to skin too, he'd live naked if he could!

  • Ooo thanks Caroline I'll do just that, we were looking into what benefits we can get and I think it's just the tax credits. 

    and they're scratch mitts, my OH took it and it's adorable.

  • Rambosmum Jensen switches quite easily but it was difficult to start with, if breastfeeding is established and he is latching on no problem then introducing the odd bottle should not be a problem, Jensen was three weeks old before I introduced a bottle because the cup feed top ups was becoming a nightmare  and now he does bottle or breast no problem I think if he is feeling lazy he prefers the bottle as it's the easy option but if he is in a needy mood which is quite often he loves the breast and skin to skin and so do I but for us being able to give both is a godsend xx 

    jojo what a talent see scratch mits and think bunny ears lol, the woody outfit Jensen had in was a present from big sister and since she is now in Spain I thought I better put it on him and get a couple of photos for her they grow out of clothes so quickly although we are still getting use out of first size and 0-3 month are still swamping him X 

  • My two are breast and bottle Kayleigh had top ups in hospital and she is my strongest feeder both get a dummy too absolute god send when both need fed.  I express about 4-6 oz a day for top ups for Matthew just coz he is slow at gaining weight I use formula at other times and when they are both unsettled just for my sanity as feeding two can make my nipples very tender still.

    hospital just called Kayleigh's sbr is normal her hb count is normal thank goodness no need for transfusion and they don't think she will need one so she is to continue taking folic acid til she is 12 weeks old and should suffer no ill effects being affected by antibodies although advised again about no more pregnancies hope doctor agrees tomorrow.

    caroline he is just the cutest in his woody outfit just had a thought of how cute the twins can be dressed up 

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