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What ONE piece of advice would you give to another mum who's just had a baby?

Hello everyone!

We have so many new mums in our Babies topic now (yay!) that we thought it would be wonderful to share some tips and advice about the first days of being a mum and looking after your brand new baby.

So, we'd love it if you could tell us on this thread what one tip or piece of advice you'd give to someone who's just had a baby.

Perhaps it's something you wish you had known? Or done? Or maybe it's something you did that worked a treat? Or a tip someone gave you that you're so glad you heard?

Do please come and share yours with us. We'd love to hear it!



  • Hi 😊 I wish someone would have told me that those first weeks go so quickly! I would have treasured it even more probably. Keep a diary with all of your baby's milestones (first smile, first everything lol 😊). I was advised by health care professionals to try sleep training. I am sooo happy I didn't, as it seemed so unnatural. Please don't sleep train. Your baby needs you! Please follow your baby's lead. Although it is good to have a routine (an order in which things occur), it does not have to be the same time every night! Learn and follow your baby's cues, so you know when she's tired/hungry and act accordingly. Please don't let your baby cry to sleep (as I was advised by a LOT of people). They need you all the time, not just during the day. They cannot self soothe! 

    Love your baby and show her respect. Trust your instincts. Love does NOT spoil! 

    Enjoy every little moment and take a lot of pictures. When I look back, I realise I barely have any photos with my little one; I'm always behind the camera! (I'll be changing that!😊) 

    Enjoy it! It is the most wonderful experience in the world! 😊 x

  • The only thing I can say is to enjoy every moment of having a newborn. My daughter is 1 in a few days and it's flown by. When I look at her baby pictures from her first few days I feel like I don't remember her being so small. I'd love to have her back that tiny again (perhaps just for a day) to have new baby cuddles again. Although snotty nose toddler cuddles are very special too lol! 

  • Ya I agree with both of you. I think new mom's should trust their own instincts. We feel clueless but we are the ones who spend 24hours a day with them. We know them best. Even in the beginning. If it feels right, it is.

    And don't let anybody dismiss you as a panicked new mom. You are the expert on your baby.  

    Mirela is right you can't spoil a newborn.  Don't listen to people who tell you it's good for babies to cry. My mother in-law told me that  my daughter wasn't crying enough and I told her I dont agree with you and took back my baby. 

  • There are so many pieces of advice mums like to give other mums, but at the end of the day, you'll find your own path with your baby and do things your way.

    The one piece of advice I would give is don't be afraid to say no to visitors!! Having just had my second child, I learnt from my first! Those first few weeks are so hectic anyway, sometimes you don't want to have a house full of visitors. Simply say "no not today". You have to think of you and your baby. Those true friends and family will fully understand xx

  • These tips are all LOVELY! Thank you so much, everyone.

    Anyone else got some words of wisdom for us? We'd love to hear them!

  • Be kind to yourself, take time to heal and don't do what I did. I pushed myself to hard and ended back in hospital twice after bursting my wound. I'm back on antibiotics again as still not healing so take your time use support and trust your instincts. You know your baby and what is best for them. 

    Take lots of pictures as they change so quickly I can't believe how quickly time passes and how quickly they change. Savour every moment.  When they aren't sleeping at night and only you can comfort them remember although it's  tiring and frustrating at times savour it  also as soon they won't be that small and cuddly. 

    I agree with swanny say no to visitors and take some time as a family. I had people visiting constantly at first it affected our ability to find our feet and reco-operate we ended up knackered. 

    Keep up to date with the little record books it will be a nice keepsake. 

    Have snacks in the house as sometimes you'll be busy and may forget to eat, have something handy especially for during the night as you'll be hungry. 

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  • Don't be afraid to accept help or to ask for it. If you do get visitors get them to help out a little when they visit.

    I had my daughter last April and we had visitors everyday for weeks. I used to have long relaxing showers when they came round and everyone always brought food with them. I also 'encouraged' everyone to pitch in with nappy changing and other chores. They were all close family and friends and I have/will do the same for them when their time comes. Everyone enjoyed being involved and being useful.

    This leaves you with the time and energy to be the domestic goddess we all think we'll transform into after having a baby - I used to do a lot of baking in those first few weeks as I didn't worry too much about the 'major chores'

  • I cannot stress this enough. Trust your instincts! You know your baby more than anyone in this world. A lot of mums try and give advice and tell you what to do but if you question it, forget it. All babies are so different and I found everyone swears by their own methods.. my other bit of advice is to look on mum forums. You can see how different mums are and babies, so you will find advice that suits you nicely. It was my own little support group and I loved it. Plus you don't feel so alone.. now don't forget to feel proud of yourself, you may feel yuck and tired and jealous of everyone that gets to use their two arms for everyday tasks but you are doing the hardest job in the world so be proud as hell of getting through every day :)

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