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Hello, not really a question but just wondered if anyone else out there had a baby receiving treatments for talipes? My little boy was born with unilateral ( left foot) talipes. This wasn't picked up at any scans-we'd had 4! We were told it was positional and a bit of manipulation would fix it. Unfortunately it was more severe than that and at 12days he had his first cast on. These worked so well and we only had 4 casts before going into full time boots and bar. We're now 4 weeks away from them hopefully coming off in the daytime. Would love to hear other people's stories. X


  • HelenMFMHelenMFM admin
    edited Dec 23, 2019 12:39PM

    Hi Ccme. Thanks for posting this – it would be great to see if anyone else has had experience of a baby with talipes. This place is a great sharing this sort of stuff.

    Glad to hear you've probably only got 4 weeks to go - but I suppose that must feel like an age to you!

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