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How long should you wait before taking your newborn outside?

Im 28+2 weeks pregnant with my first child and i'm getting everything sorted. I was just wondering is there a period of time that you have to stay inside-as they have less chance of protection from germs?

Its just that i would like to be able to go and see family and meet up in town with them as i want my son to get freshair. Im confused. If not my sons health comes first either way.

It may sound daft I know. Thankyou for the help.


  • Tbh I think the main thing to stop you going out is waiting until your feeling better after the birth I think I took my son to town a week after he was born. just avoid taking him/her anywhere taht you no someone is ill. My friend was pushing her 3rd child around m&s 7hrs after birth lol x

  • My second I did the at after I come out of hospital had no choice had to do school runs 

  • its just whenever you feel confident and well enough, hope youre having a happy, lovely pregnancy!

  • Thankyou everyone x

  • Hey, congrats!

    So i took my newborn out right away as she was a little jaundiced - something to think about is that if your baby is a little jaundiced (perfectly normal, nowt to worry about!) they need vitamin d from the sun to fix it.

    I think the biggest germ carrier is  people rather than being outside though! So many people were visiting after the birth, my baby was being passed around like a toy - that was what worried me with all the germs. When i had my second though, i was totally screwed as she had a big sister who was literally a germ machine bringing god only knows what home from school - so, my second baby was sick a lot more than the first....

    hope that all makse sense!

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