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Allergic to cows milk


Just wanted to share my story in hopes this doesn't happen to anybody else.

Although thriving now, my little one was quite poorly when he was born and he is my first so as you can imagine I was terrified something serious was wrong with him.. 

It started when he was only five days old at his checks that showed my boy had lost almost 11% of his birth weight. The midwives were concerned as he is bottle fed. We spent the night in hospital where I had to try and get my little one to take more milk. He had terrible reflux too. In the morning weighing him showed a small increase in weight which was great and we were allowed to go home. 

A week later my partner and I started to notice the foul smell of his wee and stools, which even the midwives caught onto. and then by the next week there was a small amount of blood in his stools which were very acidic and leaving a horrible nappy rash on him. The health visitor said she wasn't too worried but to go to the doctors.

That's where the fun began...we went to the doctors who just put it down to constipation and prescribed a cream...a few days later still no improvement we voiced our concerns to the midwife. Whom on feeling his tummy sent us to A&E again after blood tests and being seen by two paediatricians. We were reassured that he wasn't bleeding from the inside and that it was again just constipation and we were prescribed another cream and sent home.

Still not convinced my partner and I took our baby back to the doctors where we saw a nurse. showing her his horrible nappy in which she said was normal...even after explaining his slow weight gain, bloody stools, reflux, nappy rash, acidic poos and diarrhea. She was going to send us home again with more cream. Until he demonstrated in front of her pooing out diarrhea and blood...finally someone listened and she immediately called in a doctor that prescribed our boy some lactose free milk.. 

the symptons cleared up in a day or so and all was good. Apart from when we got a letter from the nutritionist saying it was likely a cows milk allergy and that by giving him lactose free milk he isn't getting the nutrients he needs..

So two months along the line he's finally on the right milk...I just want to say it's been completely poor service you would think that a milk allergy would be easily picked up and it shouldn't take three doctors a nurse and two paediatricians to diagnose our baby and get him onto the right diet...

So if your baby has diarrhea, nappy rash, bloody stools, reflux and slow weight gain... please suggest to your doctor a cows milk allergy...

Love a very stressed and anxious new mum.. that could have been avoided. image

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