clingy baby

hi my youngest is now 22 wks old i'm a stay at home mum of 2 and were as my oldest now 4 is fine and not at all clingy my 22 wk old is every time i go out of the room or eye sight she starts to scream and get all histerical she wont go to any one else even my partner and if she does its only for an hour  when we do go out which is rare when we pick her up i'm told she been screaming the hole time we gone my partner gets upset thinking she dontlike him when she only settles with me she will go to him but not for long any advice would be great thanks.


  • Hi rachael! I have read your problem and I think it is just a normal habit for a 22 weeks old kid to be clingy since trust is not yet builded up of not being left away. Try to use a babyslingwhich claims many benefits. Carrying a babyclose to you helps with the bonding process and makes for less crying and colic. Parent's hands are kept free for household chores and parents are able to spend more time interacting with their older children. I know you can handle that problem and you will be a great parent. Have a blessed day!
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