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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our  Due in March Birth Club who have all been giving birth to equally lovely babies – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a nice new shiny thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the March 16 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born March 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot!

And to kick this thread off with a brilliant treat, we've got a lovely Purepotions gift bundle (see pic) to send to those of you who join this thread in the next week or so, so get posting!

Purepotions is the ‘home of natural creams,ointment and oils’. Founded by a mum who wanted to find a safe, effective, natural moisturiser for her daughter’s dry skin, Purepotions has now launched a Baby Skincare range, with products made from the simplest, kindest ingredients. Our MadeForMums bundle includes the Chamomile Baby Oil and the Lavender Nappy Salve, as well as baby-friendly salves from the Pure Potions’ Rescue Range. You can find Purepotions products in Holland & Barrett stores or call 01273 623123 to find a stockist near you.



  • Hello Ladies.

    How are we all doing?

  • Hi all, ive been a bit awol sorry ladies, hope you are all doing well.  Are we still waiting on a few babies?? Whose left?

    Baby Abigail is quite demanding still trying to figure out if it's colic, reflux or an allergy that's bothering her. Currently on baby gaviscon but seems to just make her constipated and not relieved any of the screaming or pain she seems to be in 😯

  • Hi ladies!

    Hope you're all well :-) Yasmin is just over 2 weeks old now, can't believe it!! She seems quite a good sleeper so far although we have had a few bumpy nights lol But at only 2 weeks old I don't think I can expect too much from her just yet 💖

    We've woken up to crazy snow again this morning!!


  • I was thinking it would be a good idea if we had a thread just like this! 

    All been quiet on the last of the ladies to give birth, hopefully they're holding their little ones now and will come share soon. 

    Nat - we are trying to find out the exact same with Evie. We are trying colief in her bottles currently which we had a good day on yesterday but one day isn't enough to judge just yet. abother little girl of mine had reflux and was on gaviscon but it took me 4 months to get the doctor to listen and prescribe something ..hope she settles in with it soon and you see results 

  • Hopefully the last 2 babies will be here soon....if not already!

    I'm really starting to struggle with the lack of sleep. Lots of tears and then cracking on with things atm, it's bloody hard work!! x 

  • Nattyg I find the docs just don't take reflux seriously, especially if baby is gaining weight OK. I knew they'd prescribe gaviscon and it would make her constipated but knew I'd need to try it first. Have a good day then a bad so just not sure what's going on. Was going to try colief but so expensive will need to see if I can get it on prescription.

  • Hi ladies, Mila has been such a fuss pot these last couple of days and we think it's down to trapped wind so we're giving her infacol before feeds and this morning she seems better at settling to sleep thank goodness :) can't believe she's already 9 days old today :) xx

  • Morning ladies hope everyone's Ok. Well I'm a bit sore at the minute my scar has got a infection so on antibiotics here's my two girls ximage

  • Thankyou Helen and Danielle for the baby gift xxx

  • Oh you're so welcome shellystar! Really hope your scar heals up.

  • Sounds like we are all having the same problem which makes me feel slightly better. 

    First day on my own today- so far Eloise hasn't slept :( I've spent about an hour bouncing around my lounge- not happening. I don't understand why she won't sleep as she's clearly tired! 

    Had a bad night last night too so that hasn't helped the teary eyes today x

  • These babies should clearly come with user manuals to make our lives easier, aurora decided to lie and grunt and snort between 2-3 last night the little monkey! My folks have just taken my little girl out for a couple of hours in the hope I can get aurora down for nap so I can try to sleep too. Hubby is working today and tomorrow and I feel a bit lost already :( it's so hard taking care of these tiny precious bundles when you feel tired and rubbish, my left nipple is burning too so I've been dreading feeding times! EEh motherhood is so magical lol x

  • First day on my own with baby also and I was dreading it! She's been good so far and is currently still asleep from hitting the hay at 9:30 this morning. Xxx

  • Hey :)

    My little one is 3 weeks 2days :) she's a good sleeper still but struggling withpooing and is all blocked up. I've been using that infacol as well but she passes wind etc fine so I'm unsure tbh :/ 

    Thank you Danielle and Helen for the gift got it today :) xx

  • Hey chicks. I'm still pregnant. But as today is my due date I can hardly complain. Have been sleeping more the last few nights so hopefully I'll not be as anxious as I have been. Also my illness has cleared up so feeling much brighter. I'm still quite congested at night. Does that go with the bump? My water retention has gone tho! Weird!!!

  • Charbar have you tried a baby sling or carrier?  

    Abigail goes straight to sleep in hers and I get my hands back win win lol!

  • It's my first day on my own to she's been good today she's always good in day it's night she's a little monkey x

  • Danielle and Helen, Aurora imageand I just want to say thank you for her lovely present she's rather taken with it x

  • Thanks Helen and Danielle for the lovely present got it today also I love it !! Xxx

  • Nat- yes she loves the sling but was hoping for a nap myself. I finally gave in that that was never going to happen.

    Just had the worse feed ever. Thought Eloise was waking due to hunger so she latched on. Turns out it was really bad wind- she would not let go. My nipple is in pieces- ouch!! It finally ended with a massive eplosive poo which went all up her back... Lovely!

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