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Baby swaddling

Hey little girl is 8 and a half months old and will literally not sleep unless I swaddle her...she was a prem baby so has been swaddled from very early...I have tried so many times to put her down normally without being swaddled as she can roll on her tummy and stuff but she always wakes herself up with her hands or just won't go off. Once she's wrapped up she goes off within a matter of minutes. Unsure really on what to I know your supposed to try to get them out of it. Any advise would be great.


  • I found baby sleeping bags a real help! Made my lo feel snug without having to be swaddled 

  • OMG oh yeah I forgot all about them!! I have about four of those but she's always been to small to use them she should fit them now! will be trying this tomorrow she's fast asleep now all swaddled up lol thank you :) x

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