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Meeting New Friends

Hello Ladies.

I wanted to start a thread, to get to know people.

I had my little lady 6 weeks ago and some of my old friends have disappeared of the face of the earth. Quite upsetting really as it wasn't ever something I anticipated.

I'd love to get to know some of you all ♡ 

Here is my Evie-May xxx 



  • Hi Lucy your Lil girl is beautiful that happened with my friends too disappeared look in to play Gr in your local area i made lots of friends when my girls were little and most of them then went on to going to the same school I will be doing the same when baby is born nice to talk to other mums for advice and a chat :) 

  • Hiya Lucyloo92, welcome to MadeForMums and congrats on your beautiful little girl! Here's our February 16 Babies Club for all mums and babies born this February. We can see you've posted in there already which is fabulous - how is your little girl doing?

  • Hello there!!! She is so beautiful!! Well I had the same problem with some of my "friends" when my first daughter was born but it helped me to see who are my real friends.

    First I thought that it was my fault because I had changed but I know now that my children are the most important happiness in my life and I am very glad with my few real friends. Don´t worry you´ll see that in your area will be other mums who have experienced the same situation and I am sure that you will find a lovely friend! A big hug

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