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I am badly in need of a suggestion regarding the massage oil that I should buy for my Juvana. Doctors have asked to use something that is organic. And I would prefer the same. Because my cousin's baby had skin irritations after using a massage oil. The baby was taken to hospital for further treatments. It took almost a month for the baby to come out of this problem. I am worried whether the same will happen to my Juvana. Many products are easily available under an organic label in the market. But the problem is about choosing the right one. My mom suggested me Shoosha calm baby massage oil ( ). I haven't used this before, so I don't want to take a risk with Juvana's life. Ladies here, have anyone of you used this product before or heard of it. Will it be safe for my baby? Felt this would be the best place to seek this help for. Please do share your views.

Thank you in advance.

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