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My 13 week old has had a cold for almost a month!!!

hello, my 13 week old baby girl has been sick for almost an entire month with a cold/cough.This is her second cold but the first one was gone within 10 days. I have been to the doctor 3 times so far and everytime they check her chest, ears, oxygen levels and it is all normal and they send us home And tell us to wait it out. I have used humidifier, saline,breast milk in nose, Freda nose sucker, sitting in steam room and nothing at all seems to help. It honestly doesn't even seem To slightly be easing up For her. It's been a constant battle to get her to eat. Has anyone else had their babies cold last this long? Not sure if I should get second opinion or just wait it out. The doctor said it is not uncommon for a babies cold to last this long

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