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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in April 2016 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on. (We know there’s a couple of you left to have your babies, please don’t let that you stop posting here - this is still your thread!).

If you've not been part of the April 16 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born April 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot!

And to kick this thread off, we've got a lovely BabyBoo Bandana Bib (see pic) to send to those of you who join this thread in the next week or so, so get posting!


BabyBoo is an Irish website, run by 2 mums, selling bibs, hats and other baby products. These bandana bibs are fleece-lined, suitable for children with sensitive skin or eczema, and come in newborn size and 2 bigger sizes.



  • Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well and babies due are imminent. Noah and me are home now and apart from c section pain we're doing great!! Here he is!! image

  • Noah and Thomas are amazing! I'm having issues breast feeding. Elsbeth has too much of a 'rosebud' mouth apparently! 

  • ooh lovely new thread! 

    Noah is so sweet! Hope you're able to rest as much as possible! 

    Aw sac4t are you able to get help from the midwife? Will you express and bottlefeed Elsbeth instead? I have never been able to breastfeed - nipples are too flat :/ lol


    My little Elliot, 5 days already! X

  • So many beautiful babies!! My milk came in last night and I'm so engorged and sore. Noah latches well but he's impossible to wake for a feed so I've been trying to wake get him to feed as much as possible. SAC4T you should speak to your midwife or maybe a breastfeeding counsellor for some support? Hopefully they will have some tips to help you. Breastfeeding is such a challenge. x

  • Hello ladies,

    SAC4T.... I breastfed all 4 of my children and yet i still needed advice when i had Adam.  He  latched on straightaway but after a few days he had cut me around my nipple so obviously he wasnt latching on correctly. Anyway with help from the midwife i soon got that sorted and now hes feeding ok. There is help out there so best to get hold of your midwife or even health visitor who will be able to guide you to the right person.


  • Feels strange posting on baby thread and don't have a baby yet 🙁. How did your sweep go Charlotte? I've been bouncing on my ball all weekend, went through my 50pack raspberry leaf tea and hubby thinks all this sex is great but no action. I haven't even had any braxon hicks. I never had period pain so don't know what even to expect when contractions start. 

    Loving all the pics of your gorgous babies! 


  • It was fine. Not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be and was over before I knew it. She said my cervix is side and I'm about 1/2cm dilate. Not really feeling any different since the sweep since just the dull period pains. She is coming back on Wednesday to give me another sweep if nothing has happened before then and will book me in to be induced for the 6th may but I'm hoping it wont come to that.The last few days I just feel so heavy to the point I had to wake my oh up to pull me up out of bed.  The thought of having to wait until May to meet my baby feel like ages away. im 40+2 today.

    how many weeks are you Emma? Have the booked you for a sweep yet? X

  • Beautiful pics :)

    Good luck and fingers crossed to those that are still waiting that you won't be waiting too much longer! 

    There's some good breastfeeding groups on facebook SAC4T. If you can't find one, join ipswich breastfeeding mamas UK. Lots of ladies on there with good advice and support.

    Talking of which... I went to a play centre today with my other half, his little boy and baby girl. She woke up grumpy and wanting to be fed but because we had to park quite a distance, I bravely tried descreet public feeding and I had a shawl and an accessible top on... but unfortunately before I could start feeding her, I was made to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable... by my other half! I'm really upset that he made me feel like that because of his own insecurities and embarrassment. Needless to say I walked to the car in the end and hid away on the back seat. Narrow minded idiot. I'm not talking to him. 


  • Aww Dori that's awful- surely at a play centre it would be one of the best and most accepting places to breast feed? I really hope my OH is supportive when I start- he says he's all on for breast feeding but guess won't know his or anyone's else's reaction until  I start. Just gona try to remember that I am doing what is best for my baby and everyone else can like it or lump it.

    im 39+6 today Charlotte and booked for a sweep in Wednesday if it can be done. Don't want midwife to do it though unless my cervix is favourable though. Will be booked in for induction 1st week in May too on Wednesday just in case things dont progress naturally. I really don't want an induction cause or excess hormones bring put into my body, stronger contractions and having to be monitored more closely ( really want an upright active labour on my ball or water birth). 

  • Still here waiting for baby to arriv. I've literally tried everything now and I'm 4days over. My sweep on Sunday hasn't done the trick. I'm still getting period like pains they come and go some are worse than other but not really painful as I'm used to really bad period pains. Just want something to start happening now. This is the 5th day of pain - is that quite normal or could it be something else? Starting to worry a little as it doesn't seem to be progressing x

  • Id just give the midwife a wee call Charlotthe just to put your mind at ease. It'll do no harm. Does anything ease them? I thought I was contacting yesterday on the drive home but as soon as I got out of the car they completely stopped. Think I lost my mucus plug aswell, wasn't blood tinged though. Will you have another sweep before your induction on the 6th Charlotte?xx

  • I've took paracetamol a few times but it doesn't take them away. I've not had any sign of my mucus plug but the Midwife said on Sunday that something the body will reabsorbe it instead of it coming out. I'm booked for another sweep tomorrow afternoon. It's so hard when your new to all of this and you don't know what's normal and what isn't xx

  • Yeah I know how you feel Charlotte, I'm on the same boat. But that is what midwife is there for, who knows you might be dilating away and midwife will tell you tomorrow. I've a sweep tomorrow too. Kinda nervous. Haven't told other half- he's all anti induction methods- he thinks baby will come when it's ready. But he's not the one with a bowling ball in belly bored silly waiting.x

  • Well she said I was about 1/2cm dilated on Sunday so hopefully i will have progressed when I have my sweep tomorrow. Im hoping to have a pool birth so really hope it doesn't come to being induced on the 6th. I was dreading the sweep but it really wasn't that bad just try not to tense up and take deep breaths and it's over before you know it x

  • Ha I know how you feel Emma. spoke to the midwife earlier and she said what I'm feeli is early labour, so I'm now on day 5. I was supposed to have a sweep tomorrow and she's changed it to Friday because she thinks it will be more effective if I'm 7 days over. I went for a short walk earlier and now I'm bouncing on my ball so fast I think it may burst. X

  • How was your sweep Emma?x

  • Non existent - my cervix is still posterior so she couldnt even reach it... And baby is back to back and not right down so been booked in for an induction on the 5th of May. Not in great form, was expecting things to kick off today but instead been told baby is nowhere near coming out 😒. My sister had the same problem and she ended up with a very painful 3 day labour followed by emergency c section. 

    how are you feeling today?x

  • Ah no way. That's a shame the baby is back to back. did they say if the baby could still turn the correct way? 

    I alright I'm on the 6th day of on and off pain and still no sign of the baby. Had a really sore pain last night in bed which lasted about a minute and went away but if didn't come to anything. It's so hard at this stage when you just want your baby here x

  • It could turn but to be honest I don't think it will. It's been in the same position for months now, and I've been doing all the exercises to encourage it to turn. 

    but im not in any pain unlike you- it must be awful having pains on and off for so long, I really feel for you. Think I might go swimming tomorrow- haven't tried that yet. It might help you too? Or a good big hot water bottle for your back? Are you sleeping ok? X

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