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Baby Nests and Baby Pods: do you have one? Come and tell us about it

Hi everyone,

We’ve noticed there’s a new trend for putting your newborn to sleep in these baby nests or baby pods – and we want to know what you think of them.

Have you bought one? Or are you thinking about buying one? If so, which ones did you buy or do you like – and why? Do please feel free to post up pics of the ones you’re talking about – that would be ace!

Also, if you have one, please tell us how you – and your baby – find it. Was it a good buy? What do you like – and dislike – about it? Anything you can tell us would be wonderful. And if you fancy posting a pic of them in their pod/nest, we’d love to see it!

Oh, and as a little thank you, we have some chocolate to send out to those who post on this thread.
Thank you all so much!



  • I had a baby nest previously with my girls (they are now 6 & 4 so a while ago), my Eldest wasn't so keen on it until old enough to sit (6-7mths old) but my Youngest loved it. Not too sure what brand it was as it was a gift from a family member (May have to see whether I can get another for a Christmas present, hopefully baby 3 will appreciate it too). X

  • We have a sleepyhead deluxe pod and our 12 day old loves it. She wouldn't settle in her Moses basket and we bought the pod after a desperate couple of nights. We use it in between us in bed for co-sleeping, but will soon pop it in her cot.

    Definitely worth the £99 we paid for it - she is snug and comfortable in it & it is also really portable. Thoroughly recommended!

  • We got bought the Snuz pod by my other halves parents and it's up waiting for our little girl to arrive at anytime. We have will move it into our room when she is here :D Absolutely love it. The design is fantastic. Only issue was we had to buy an extra screw as one of them supplied didn't fit.  image

  • My little girl is now 2 months old. Since she was born she would not sleep in a Moses basket- I was not getting any sleep and a friend recommended the cocoonababy. It was very expensive but has been a life saver.... She sleeps much better now and it has reduced her reflux! 

    I also have a poddle pod for daytime naps but unfortunately Eloise won't settle in this! So far a waste of money but I think this is just the personality of my little girl!

  • We don't have one at home but Jensen loves the one at the baby clinic/breast feeding support group, I put him in it when we go to the group and he is very comfortable and settles in it very quickly.  We are thinking of getting one but haven't researched them yet as we are unsure of the age range they are for.

  • image

    I've bought a Babymoov cosydream - like an anatomical cushion but safe for sleeping. I was lookinG at the Sleephead but thought they were too expensive especially when you don't know if you will need it / it will work! This was only £25 and you can put in the Moses baskets etc, looks not entirely dissimilar to far more pricey alternatives. Would be very interested to hear from others who may have tried it ????

  • I have a poddle pod - I bought it off of a friend when my daughter (now 21 months) was born and I'm reusing it with my son (now 6 weeks). Neither of them slept on it overnight but we use it occasionally for naps if we are awake or I'll pop my son into it if I need to use the toilet and he's wide awake and I don't want to leave him outside of the bathroom.

    I've bought a fleecy cover for it this time and he really likes to snuggle against the fabric and falls asleep extremely quickly whenever he's laid in it.

  • I have the sleepyhead deluxe and my baby will sleep in it if she's already asleep but not from awake. She's a very clingy breastfed baby who loves co-sleeping. I'm hoping she'll settle better in it if we persevere. 

  • Hello ladies. For our little one we bought a baby delight snuggle nest and she was sleeping in it since a day one because she never settled in a moses basket :( it was in bed between us answer she was very happy to sleep in it and as it has a metal frame it was safe for us this way. Now she can't really fit in it anymore so no more use of it but it was a lifesaver for us from a day 1 and very happy  with this purchase  and it wasn't too expensive.

  • I've bought a nap mat from 'Nonnas Baby' just because it looked cute and comfy. It fits perfectly inside her Moses basket and carry cot for extra comfort. Good for taking to family members houses too in case she wants a little nap while we are out and about :)image

  • I've bought a sleepyhead deluxe when my little one was 4 months old. It really helped him sleep better. He outgrew it when he was 9 months old, but that coincided with the start of his separation anxiety and couldn't use it anymore as he only settles if he is right next to me. My breastfed baby boy is in bed with me now (daddy works night shifts so we have the bed for ourselves). I'll keep him with me as long as he needs it. I'll contemplate buying a sleepyhead grand when he'll go in his bedside cot. 😊

  • I had a poddlepod for my now 2year old.. reason being he was born prematurely at 28weeks and n NICU they make lil rolled up sheets into pods in there incubators to try abd mimic the womb until they reach term. My son therefore liked to be quite enclosed and held while sleeping.

  • My 3 month old usually sleeps in his crib but used a baby nest to put next to me when he gets his vaccinations I like the convenience of him being next to me

  • I had never heard of any of these before I had my boy, now nearly 5 months. bit he has always slept well in his Moses basket and crib, but I would definitely look into a snuzpod type side cot or one of the little pods to help them feel secure. I think they would help when transitioning into a cot and look all cosy! 

  • I hadnt really heard of these, but was keen my daughter would need to sleep in a variety of places, so I dont need anything specific for bed or naptime.

    She had a moses basket, hard bottom carrycot, then a swinging crib, now at 20 weeks she has her Cot, travel cot and Lie flat naptime she generally sleeps on a blanket on the floor although as she gets more mobile I will have her travelcot downstairs at home and if we are out and about I recline her pushchair x

  • Very early on my husband told me that he wanted to have a bedside crib. Honestly I didn't know they existed! I started researching and found the Chicco Next2Me. We went to look at it and decided it seemed really bulky and awkward for our current living space. Then I found the and decided it was perfect! Especially since we can rent it! I did read of an accident a year ago and that kind of freaked me out...I'd love to know what others think. I see that in that horrible instance the crib wasn't used correctly. And now more safety has been added. 

  • Hi everyone,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your pods or nests and post some piccies! As promised, we're going to send everyone above THIS post some choccy, so please can you PM me your name and address to send it out.

    We've now run out of chocolate (booo!) but we would still love to hear what you think of baby nests and pods, and any pics you might have of your baby in one, so please do keep on posting.

  • This is Penny  in her Sleepyhead Dulux. It's good to carry round the house and stick her in while I'm getting bits done. She's getting more used to sleeping in it too. image

    When she has blankets around her she's more wedged in.

  • Hi, 

    I've never heard of them before and havent seen one either. Never used them on my older kids when they were babies either But i can sure see the benefits of having baby sleeping in one of these.

    When i bought Adam home five weeks ago from hospital my mum rolled a cot sheet and tried to wedge it around baby to give him that feeling that i was right next to him... so would love to try one of these out on him. I think i will  begin my research tomorow.

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