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6 week old won't settle after second night feed

From about 2 weeks old my baby either won't settle after his early morning feed or stirs at 5am every morning. And when he stirs we cannot get him back to sleep in his cot. But if we pick him up he settles straight away and will happily go back to sleep and sleep on us till around 8am!

He has a bottle around 8.30pm and wakes usually around 1am for one and both times will settle afterwards and go back to sleep.
His next feed will be anytime from 3.30-5am and he will either feed and go back to sleep but stir at 5am always or just refuse to go back to sleep at all until we pick him up.

What's going on??!

The other morning my husband decided to just keep trying to settle him in his room without taking him downstairs and at around 7am he eventually fell asleep for another hour. So my HV suggested for a couple of mornings we try doing this and just stick to our guns and not take him out of his room. We've don't this twice now but this morning it took me till 6.20 then he slept for 30 mins then began crying again.

It's so hard because basically whatever time his second feed is, that's the time I am awake from for the rest of the day :(

Please help!

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