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Reflux/dairy intolerance??

hello everyone 

I have twin girls, and im worried about my little twin. She was diagnosed with reflux at her 8 week check up where she cried and was sick everywhere, it was the first of drs listening to my concerns, she was given infant gaviscon and has been on that since then (she's now 14 weeks) but im not sure its doing enough it does help the sickness which I know its meant to do but recently she squirms constantly in her sleep, often clawing at her face and head, and sometimes squealing out,, she hates being laid down but when I tried to prop up her mattress at night she ended up rolling the wrong way. I expressed my concerns to my health visitor and she was very patronising and told me to stick with the gaviscon as "we dont want to go messing about with babies stomach acid" the last couple of days I've noticed rashes on her elbows and a bit on her face it looks a bit like eczema which I know can be a symptom of diary intolerence?? I just know something isn't right, this sound familair to anyone? Please help! 


  • Both of my girls suffered with terrible reflux as babies gaviscon didn't do anything for either. It is so hard I remember the fight I had on my hands with my eldest who still has allergies, asthma, reflux and eczema :(. It was very hard getting a Dr to see past "new mum" and see the problems we were dealing With. My youngest was a lot easier to get anywhere with as they knew the history. My youngest has reflux and eczema but no intolerances. I would go and see a DR as a HV wouldn't be able to assist with medication (mine didn't have a clue) From what you've said it does sound very much like reflux. I hope she settles soon you have my sympathy. My youngest started to outgrow her reflux when she was able to sit and was off medication before 1 xx

  • I've successfully used babies magic tea for my reflux baby who wasn't settling down with any remedy.

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