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Baby clothing - thoughts/opinions

Hi all, 

I have recently noticed a few complaints regarding the lack of unisex baby/toddler clothing in today's market. I am 19 and currently studying Fashion Design at university. I would love to hear any thoughts/opinions regarding this, as well as any ideas regarding what patterns, colours, shapes and accessories you'd like to see? 

I just wanted some help from any mothers to be / mothers so I could possibly start designing my own unisex baby/toddler clothing to suit everyone's wants and needs! 

Any info would be of help! Thanks everyone, Lucy 


  • Personally I'd like to see more bright colours rather than pastels for girls and muted tones for boys (brown/navy etc)

  • There isn't much unisex clothing . When I found out I was expecting I couldn't really find anything that caught my eye, I found that a lot of the unisex clothing were more to suit a boy than a little girl . Allthough I did buy quite a bit of winniethe pooh babygrows/vests . They were mostly cream or white colour. 

  • I like bright colors for baby girl and dark shades for baby boy.

  • Personally I prefer bright unisex clothes for babies and there isn't much about that isn't beige/grey/white or Disney. But I also have plenty of friends who love the very pink/blue looks for their little ones. If this is something you are seriously considering, have you thought about holding a focus group of mums to get their opinions?

  • imageimage

    These are a couple of the baby grows I used for both of mine (1 girl 1 boy). I really like bright colours (red, yellow, green, orange and blue) and animal prints (woodland animals like foxes, owls and badgers, zoo animals like lions and giraffes, and farm animals like ducks cows and sheep). I also like patterns like spots, stars and stripes.

  • Well one thing I thought of that would be a practical help was if shirts / onesies came with buttons on the collar to attach a bib. I have always hated the idea of having something around my baby's neck. Some arrangement by which we can attach and detach bibs would be great I mean the bib is not needed at the back so something just for the front 

  • Tbh half the problem with "no unisex clothing" is that most parents themselves disqualify anything with a hint of pink as being 'too girly' and anything that's not pink as being 'too boyish'

    I am due soon and have not found out what I am having, I have tonnes of baby clothes.

    Verbaudet do quite a few in mint green which I found good for either. I also have lots of vests in primary colours, and some in rainbow

    But at the same time I have pink vests, babygrows that are predominantly white and (bright) pink, and other items that are also pink and I have no issue with putting a boy in it any more than a girl. It's just a colour.

    I will say that Next did some nice bright babygrows this time with rainbow colours but the girls ones had bows on them, which wouldn't bother me, but they put some mums I spoke to off them because the bows were considered girly for a boy, but other than that the designs would have been fine for either.

    Here's a small selection of what I have

    imageimageimage image

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