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Do you/did you wash your baby clothes before your baby wears them for the first time?


We've been having quite a debate over this one in the MFM office, so we'd love to hear what you all think!

Do you or did you always wash your baby clothes before your baby wears them for the first time?

Or do you just pop them on your baby fresh out of the shop packaging?

Please let us know what you think by adding a reply to this thread. We suspect there may be some divided opinion on this one – but let's see!



  • We tend to wash the first lot that go in the hospital bag and what we've got here before birth but can't remember carrying that on following the birth with my others xx

  • We wash everything before Tallulah wears it - lots of companies use pesticides on their clothes to stop them rotting/being eaten by buga whilst being shipped from where they have been made :( x

  • If the clothes were in a plastic package then I washed them first or if I was given a gift and I didn't know if they smoked or not then I did otherwise I didn't as I didn't think you had too.

  • I've washed mine ready for the new arrival, but I don't with my clothes and probably won't once baby is a few months old.

  • i started Yesterday!!! I think it makes them softer :) and I've heard manufacturers treat clothes with stuff to keep them looking nice in the store! And I also just get a kick out of lookin at Everything :)

  • They do look so pretty on the line for the first time!  My washing machine though creases everything so I now have to iron them all, not so much fun :-(

  • I certainly don't iron baby clothes, I wouldn't have time

  • Yes I always pre-wash. New clothes always have a strange smell IMO.

    Plus you never know what they've treated the fabric with in the manufacturing process or the shops to make them look nice or be crease-free.

    I washed mine a few weeks ago and got them pegged out, no pictures though, they are all away and ready now (I'm 38+1)

  • No I am sure I won't when baby is here ... Time for a new washing machine I think ;-)

  • Oh gosh, haha, no I don't iron anything. I've lived in this house over a year now and only used the iron twice n the first few months and not since lol. Definitely wouldn't iron baby clothes.

    I washed everything on a short 30 cycle and line dried then folded them (couldn't hang them up straight away) and they aren't creased.

  • Yes I am convinced it's my washing machine. Did the baby clothes on the short cycle (which is still an hour) and they were so crumpled even though they went straight out on the line.  My mum hates my machine and has offered to buy me a new one as a baby arriving present so I think I will consider it.

  • Yeah definitey.

    My short cycle is called "Daily quick" or something like that and takes about 30 minutes for 30degree wash and 40 mins for a 40 degree wash.
    As long as I get stuff out relatively quickly they aren't usually creased.

  • Nope didntcwith my first and havnt for this one. Only things I've washed are covers on existing things like Moses basket and bedding that were in the loft x

  • Always wash new clothes before little man wears them, have calmed down on the ironing now though - no longer iron muslin squares! 😉

  • Defiantly wash and iron the lot! X 

  • image

    This was the first lot of the clothes i washed. I was very busy last weekend washing and ironing and packing them away. This weekend i plan to wash all the sheets and towels, etc. I used the baby fabric softener and i just love the smell of it.

    I actually hand washed all of them fearing that the washing machine was going to crease them :)

  • I washed absolutely everything first in Non Bio & Comfort Pure..I still do now, both of us have sensitive skin so wanted to ensure no irritants were next to babys skin as far as possible...Also slightly different but on the advice of a paediatrician I did not give baby a full bath (just topped and tailed) until she was 3 weeks old, she is 6 months old today and has the most beautiful skin which all the health visitors etc. Comment on xxx

    P.s. I don't even know where the iron is 😊

  • Many of the clothes I got for the impending birth of my son were second hand so I did wash everything. My MIL had washed the things she'd bought but I wanted all of his clothes to smell the same so re-washed them. As he's gotten older, I still wash anything second hand, even if I know where they're from, but don't bother with shop bought items unless they look or smell like they need it.  

    I rarely iron iron our clothes so don't do his either. The only things I have ironed of his were some badly creased jeans, shirts and a dress outfit for a wedding when he was about 6 months old (he's 17 months now).

  • Baby charlotte is 9 months old and any new clothes (or second hand ones she gets give) automatically go in the wash before they go anywhere near her skin.  I also wash with non-bio and a fabric condition and love to hang them outside if possible instead of inside as it just seems the right thing to do in my mind and they smell so nice.

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