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Constipated Baby

Does anyone have any advise for me? My baby boy is 6 weeks old and is suffering from constipation really bad and it is causing him bad pains, I won't see a dirty nappy in days. Not sure what to do...


  • Is he formula fed or breastfed .. breastfeeding babies can go days without poop and it's normal but if he does take formula it may be an issue.. check if his stomach is hard or soft.. massage the stomach like how you would if he had colic.. make sure he is doing his tummy time and lasts do some leg cycles with him ..exercise can help him pass his poop ..but if all else fails do see a doctor

  • Bring babies legs up to belly and start rotating. Also give some water. It must be cooled boiled water in a sterilised bottle. If you are breastfeeding make sure you take in a lot more fluids. There are videos on massaging for constipation on youtube

  • Hi ShellyAnn,

    My baby boy suffered really badly with this....he'd go a week without pooing, bless him.

    Everytime I changed his nappy, I'd give his low abdomen a bit of a massage in circular ,Clockwise motions. Then I would do 'bicycle' legs with him. 

    If it got to 5 days without pooing, I'd get a cotton bud, did the end in Vaseline and just 'tickle' inside his bum (health visitor advice)....sometimes they just need the stimulation to make them go because some babies can't do it naturally when they're young. It's not a great job but a lot of the time as soon as I did that to my little one the poo would come right out!!

    I went to the doctor about it but they would never give me anything. He actually had a stay in hospital (for something different)and we were asked about bowel movements so I explained the situation and straight away they gave him lactulose twice a day, worked a treat!

    He's 6 months old now and sometimes still has problems. If he's struggling we give him the lactulose for a couple of days and it sets him right again.

    Hope this is some use for you. You're not alone!

    Sending hugs cos I know it can be distressing for mummy xx

  • Hi ShellyAnn I can empathise with you really difficult when they are straining and in pain. I agree with above with regards to cycling the legs and massage.

    I found a bath also helped and cooled boiled water. We had 7 days no poo. GP gave lactulose which helped after 2 days but wasn't happy to continue with this so I on advise of both GP and HV put freshly squeezed orange in water and give. The alternative is prune juice as these are naturally laxative.

    I have also used the cotton bud and vaseline but didn't always work the natural laxatives and cooled boiled water work best. 

  • Hi, 

    my brothers baby boy had the same problem and he was breastfed... I believe with advice from the gp he changed the formula milk...

    at bbay massage clinic we were shown to massage baby with two fingers in a circular motion... Starting at 8 o'clock and ending at 4 o'clocK. you have to massage clockwise only..

    i don't understand why the gp and hv aren't helping.

    i hope your little one feels better soon. X

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