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Was your baby bigger or smaller than you were expecting, from the size of your pregnancy bump?

Hi everyone,

We’re seeing that some of our Birth Club regulars are saying their midwife told them they were going to have big/small baby but, in the end, their baby wasn’t nearly as big (or small) as the midwife’s tape-measure-round-the-bump prediction. 

So we want to ask you the rest of you: were you told you were having a big baby, and then you actually gave birth to a smaller one? Or maybe you were told you were having a whopper and you actually gave birth to a much smaller baby? 

Please do let us know by adding a reply to this thread. We’d love to hear from you about this!



  • I was told I was measuring small at 38 weeks. I was scanned at 38+4 and was told the baby had stopped growing and would be 5lb 10oz. I was to be induced at 38+5 so went home and rushed to the shops to buy newborn sizes...he was 6lb 12.5oz when born at 39 and he's certainly not small now. 5 months and almost 17lb

  • From growth scans I was told my son would be 8lb 5oz... He was actually 6lb 13oz at birth 

  • My midwife with tape measure thought I would have a 7lber my scan thought it would be closer to 8.5-8. Scan was right I had a 9lb baby 

  • I was told at 32 weeks I'd need monitoring every week as baby was measuring small at 40 weeks I was still measuring small he was born 6lb 10 4 days late exact same weight as my first who was 8 days late. Hopefully they take this into consideration with my 3rd

  • I was told to expect at least 8lbs 7 but Grace came out a tiny 6lbs 14. Was very shocked she was so small as I felt soooo huge must have had a lot of fluid in there as well😁

  • I had growth scan yesterday at 36+3 and have been told baby is already 8.5lb which is making me really nervous as I still have a fair few weeks to go! X

  • I had a growth scan on Tuesday at 32+1 and was told estimated weight is 4lb 14oz already and am on track for a 9lb bubba. I hope they have it really wrong and he will be a little smaller. Xx

  • My 1st daughter was born 8 weeks early due to pre eclampsia and she weighed 5.5lbs so they said she would have been like a 10lb baby had I have gone full term. And my second daughter was born 8 weeks early aswell and weighed 5.0lbs. But my son was only born 3 weeks early and weighed 8lbs. xx

  • I was measuring 2-3cm 'behind' (fundal height) from 32 weeks, but I declined all scans in pregnancy and my MW wasn't worried as I was measuring consistently (so she was still growing) and measurements can be 'out' by up to 3cm before they start to worry.

    Well I went into labour spontaneously at exactly 40 weeks by LMP and she was a tiny 6lb 4oz born but perfectly fine. Her placenta was also tiny and her cord was short too, but the placenta was completely healthy just small.

    She's making up for it now though, she's exclusively breastfed and already weighs over 9lbs at 5 weeks & 3 days old. She only lost 3oz by day 6 and so has gained about 3lb already.

    My first baby was born 3 weeks early by scan dates and 2 weeks early by LMP due to OC and weighed 5lb 14oz. And my 2nd baby was born at 37 weeks again due to OC, and weighed 6lb 11oz, so I really thought my 3rd would be a lot bigger as she was born 2/3 weeks later. I'm glad she was small though, I like having a tiny baby lol.

  • Can I ask why you declined a scan. No judgement just curious.

  • Scans aren't without risk. There's plenty on the dangers of ultrasound. I felt the benefits were outweighed by the potential harm/negative effects, so didn't have any scans or doppler etc.

  • That's interesting. I was never made aware of any risks and I had 4. Did you get a leaflet or something from the hospital as I can't remember even being asked if I was Ok with it, just had them like I did a blood test of BP check. Probably not the best feed to ask but I wonder if my hospital and midwife are different to others and if it should be part of a declaration statement you have to sign like I did when I had an epidural. 

  • I was never told at any of my midwife appointments that I was measuring small - despite me asking several times as friends and family kept commenting on how small I seemed. 

    I was induced at 38weeks and 5 days as I had pre-eclampsia, my Little boy weighed just 4lb 13oz. 

    After speaking with the midwife after I Had my little one she said it was clear I was very small for the amount of weeks I was and this should have been noticed earlier.  

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