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Baby always so unsettled.

Hi all,

I am mum to a beautiful 4 month old boys. He is BF pretty much whenever he wants it, although I try to moderate to 3 hours due to silent reflux. He is on meds that we just recently started after trying a bunch of other methods to soothe his reflux. He has been sleeping on me since around 8 weeks and I know he's not getting the best sleep. 

He also suffers from a lot of wind which wakes him day and night. And constant boobing tends to exacerbate this. 

He only sleeps one cycle at a time during the day. And always fights me to go down. On the rare occasion he will fall asleep on his own but only 40 minutes and wake up crying because he is still tired. I have never been able to resettle him. 

Nights, goes down after a bedtime routine usually on his own but is screeching within an hour and a half. I may be able to settle him but then he's up by 9 and only sleeps on me for the rest of the night.

Ive never been an anxious person until I had my first baby and I feel like I am never calm now. I just know this little guy needs more sleep and so do I so I can manage my 2 yr old better. 

Any advice from all you super Mum's out there? 


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