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What’s a great gift to give a new mum?

Hi everyone, 

We’d love to know what you think is the nicest gift to give someone who’s just had a baby?

For those of you that have recently had your babies, did anyone give you a present that you thought was just wonderful? And if so, what was it? Is there something you would have loved to have received but didn’t? 

And for those of you who are currently pregnant, what do you think you would like to receive?

Please do come and let us know by posting a reply on this thread. 



  • Personally anything pampering! Hair salon voucher/massage voucher etc. 

  • I would say space (and it's free too)!

    I'm dreading the descent of in laws and people. I want some time with my new baby and my husband to get to grips with our new lives and routines before we're invaded.

    Other than that, offers of chores help, food deliveries, cooked meals etc. would be great. I don't think that you need material things to make a new mum happy.


  • This was my favourite gift, handmade by a freind. 


    I would say other than that vouchers are the most useful gifts as I can use them as and when baby needs stuff.

  • Hi ladies, 

    After having a c-section I would have to say home made meals and friends taking my other children to school and back.

    I am positive that we all receive gifts and presents but those helpful hands when I havent got family living close by, small gestures like that make a massive difference.

  • Hands on help: doing chores; cooking meals; offering to take the baby out for a walk in the pram while you catch up on sleep.

    Tangible gifts: Boots voucher; nice muslin cloths with patterns on; 3-6 month clothes (preferably with a gift receipt), burpy bibs; dribble bibs.

  • Help, help and more help. Not just coming to cuddle the baby, but doing chores, cleaning, ironing etc! Also, homemade meals!

    Definitely not clothes! 

  • I would love gift for my new born baby girl , it could be any new born baby item . And lots of help frm family . 

  • Helping out would be great but if talking about tangible gifts I would say a baby carrier. Mostly because they do come expensive and there are many in the market .. it would be nice to have more than one carrier as some are good for around the house and some out and about 

  • Baby milestone cards (wish I'd got some before I had my baby, I've just bought some but 'missed' the first 4 weeks (and used a friend's cards for week 6).
    And yes a sling.

    I did get clothes for a couple of friends because they got my clothes, but really I think everyone gets too many clothes & you never know someone's taste in clothing (except one friend who I know likes rainbow clothing so I got her baby boy some rainbow pants).
    I think a sling is a good idea if they are likely to use it. Otherwise I've previously bought my friends things like toiletries (wipes, baby bath etc) that are SLS & paraben free/eco friendly etc lol.

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  • My brother has just had a baby and I've passed all of my unused Pamper nappy packs over to him. sizes 1 and 2 and soon any 3's I have leftover. My sister in law was happy😊. 

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