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Aspirin during pregnancy?

Hi ladies,

Sorry for posting here as I haven't yet had a baby, but thought there was more chance of someone who's been in my position seeing it. 

I was just wondering if anyone has similar experiences with being prescribed aspirin during pregnancy?

I'm 35, 13 weeks pregnant with first baby though had a miscarriage in Feb at 6 weeks. Blood pressure taken at GPs in Feb and again in June when confirming my pregnancy was a little high, but not to the extent that medication was mentioned. At my 12 week scan blood pressure was again a little high 138/87 so I've now been put on 75mg of aspirin daily and have to have my BP checked weekly.

Anyone else had a similar experience and can tell me what to expect long-term?


B xo


  • Hi Bev

    It sounds like they may monitor you closely if you have had high blood pressure readings, they will be looking for any other early warning signs that something may be going wrong (high blood pressure on it's own isn't too big an issue but it can be linked in with many other complications which will have additional symptoms - headaches, proteins in your wee, dizziness, blurred vision, hallucinations...).

    You may not have any other issues throughout your pregnancy, it's just unfortunate that some women have high blood pressure whilst carrying. Rest assured though that if anything more serious is trying to surface, the closer they are watching you, the quicker it can be detected & treated. Everything happening is a positive at present, hope you have a good 9mths

  • I am 15 weeks pregnant and I've been told to take 75mg of aspirin daily from when I hit 12 weeks till delivery. im having to take it due to having pre eclampsia with my first daughter. I've had two other children since her and didn't have to take it but now with my fourth they have changed and say to take aspirin daily. They wouldn't recommend taking this unless there was a very good chance it helps. So touch wood I don't get it again. But like I say I had it with first but not the other two and they all with the same partner. Xx

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