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Hi all you yummy mummy's! Hoping for you to share with me your similar experiences. I know everyones different but I'm so impatient and worried. 

I was due the 31st July 16. Had my 1st sweep on the Friday 29th July and started to loose my plug on the Sunday 31st. Had a 2nd sweep on the Monday 1st August followed by more cramps and more loss of plug. Today I have had my 3rd sweep and midwife says that my cervix is still quite high but it's definitely thinner. They have booked me in to be induced this Saturday and I'm so scared as I've been told it's more painful. Has anyone else gone through this? I'm really hoping I go in to labour before Saturday but with her saying my cervix is high I don't think it's going to happen 😢😢😢


  • Hi Rachael, sorry i can't advise you cause i've not had an induction, but with my pregnancies, i was overdue by 10 days and the day i was due to be induced, the baby came on her own - mind if i ask why they are inducing you only 7 days after your due date and not longer? They normally like to let you go at least 11 days over or whereabouts. 

    Also, from what i've read, women have all different sorts of reaction to induction - so try not to worry too much - however long the pain and labour lasts, you'll have your baby in your arms soon enough. Honestly, the pain is forgotten. x

  • Hiya.. I had my first baby on 9th may.. I was due on 29th April,  had 3 sweeps and cervix was high and closed during all 3.. I was due ro be induced on the 9th at 8am, but late sunday night was having pains and went in at 7 am an hour before induction naturally.. very quick labour and baby Isla was born at 12.34 the same afternoon, all 9lb 4oz with only gas and air

    It can all change so quickly, even the midwife that came on a home visit after baby was born had gave me a sweep told me she expected me to send up c - section as there no was indication of any movement the day before. 

    Don't give up hope, best of luck 😊 x

  • It's because he's only measuring just past 10th centile so going off my height and weight he's classed as small xx

  • Aww congratulations that's lovely xx

  • Aw they can be completely wrong.. my friend was the same, old her baby was small, she always fell on the lower placentile and he was nearly 8lb in weight.. A good big healthy baby.. x

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