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Baby swaddling: did you do it or do you want to do it? Would you recommend it?

Hi everyone, 

We’ve just been cooing over Jamie and Jules Oliver’s new baby boy (see the pic below) and as you’ll see, he’s all swaddled up, snug as a bug. So we wanted to ask you, did you or do you swaddle your baby? Do you think it made a difference? And would you recommend it?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on swaddling - good or bad - by posting a reply on this thread below. 



  • Absolutely recommend it for the first few months... Definitely helped my little one calm down so he could sleep. We didn't swaddle him during the day... Just at night & it was great. i did learn how to do the swaddle with regular blankets but also got some swaddle sacks (fantastic invention... Like a combination of a sleep sack & a straight jacket so it swaddled them & keeps their arms in place like a regular swaddle blanket)... The swaddle sacks were great for middle of the mighty changes as you just velcro It across which is easier to do when half asleep than trying the fold a regular blanket into a swaddle!

  • Lol... That's should say middle of the night changes not mighty changes! 

  • I did it for the first 4-5 months actually found it hard to get out of it highly recommend it x

  • Hi

    We swaddled in the hospital but the midwife at my birthday class said not to do it once we got home as it can cause the baby to overheat. This panicked me and I would sometimes swaddle to put baby to sleep during night feeds but would unswaddle before putting back in the crib.

  • Swaddling was not for us- my lg hated it! The midwifes tried in hospital to settle her and she just got worse! She's an active baby and likes her hands free. 

  • I did with both mine until a couple of weeks old then they just wanted their hands free so didn't force it I was also told with my second baby that it causes them to overheat and I was like sorry but I have had a baby before I do kinda know what I'm doing still don't like my health visitor to this day but have no idea how to get another one in my area. I will be swaddling my one due in Feb too 

  • Never swaddled my first three children as swaddling was not advised then. However, I have just had my fourth and have to say what a difference swaddling seems to have made to how settled and contented my little one seems at night. We had a couple of quite warm nights a couple of weeks ago so didn't swaddle and it made a massive difference, little one woke frequently coz his arm were flapping around! 

  • my little boy liked his hand friend never did but noticed when he was trying to self soothe to sleep if you swaddle his leg he slept off and when asleep if you tugged his hands in he slept longer. I used for earlier day time nap was too fiddly for me

  • I'm not a fan. I think we tried it a few times with my first baby but I never did with my second.

    But my 3rd baby is 5 weeks old and often startles in her sleep and throws her arms out which disturbs her and wakes her up, so a few times I have wondered if swaddling would help her stay asleep as she wouldn't be able to jerk and throw her arms up/out.

  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to bump this thread as we'd love to her from more of you.  

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