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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in August 2016 Birth Club who have (nearly!) all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on. (We know there’s just a couple of you left to have your baby,  please do come on over and chat here). 

If you've not been part of the Due in August 2016 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born August 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a nice, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a fabulous Bathing Bunnies Bath Mitt* or Bathing Bunnies Bib* to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 


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  •  To kick it off - Paddy pictures!

    Had a rough couple days. I think our bubba has mild reflux. Been managing it with infacol and keeping him upright during and after feeds. Not gonna lie I've cried a lot! But he seems better and I've managed to get some rest.

    I also started back at the gym yesterday. I feel so much better for it. I have a long journey ahead but I have a goal no.

    Hopd you're all going well. All these just gorgeous!  babies are


  • Well done for getting into the gym Aussie. Is your little man bottle or breast? I ask because Mia has been struggling a little too and I was told breast fed didn't really need burping but I'm doing this now to try and help her discomfort. yesterday she fed for 5/6 hours!! 

    i know this sounds awful but my tummy is really repulsing me at moment. I know my body has done an amazing thing and im so thankful for it but scared about how long it will look like this especially as Ive been referred to physio as my tummy muscles have ripped apart. 

    cant believe how quick the time is going already. Mia 2 weeks tomorrow! 

  • Thanks Leo.

    My belly is depressing me a lot. My abs didn't separate - but the stretchmarks and bigness of it make me sad. I feel silly thinking about it but it's hard not too. I miss my old body.

    Don't fret too much Leo. U can help bringthem back together with the right exercises. It'll get better.

    My boy is on bottle - formula mostly and I use my pumped milk too. I've heard people say on other forums to burp breastfed babies too. It can't hurt! 

    I know! Timeshas flown! Paddy is one month on Saturday. How did that happen!

  • Thanks for kicking off the new thread AussieDea, absolutely loving the Paddy pics - love his little snug too - which one is it and does he like it? 

    LeoJames25, we are so glad to have you back on the thread! What date was Mia born and fancy sharing a piccy? 

  • Good morning ladies 😃😃. Yeap still here midwife later today for another sweep. But I have been having a few pains especially in my lower back so Iam hoping when I go later she sends me to the hospital. Xxx

  • Thanks Danielle. It's a Poddle Pod. Great value -  40 pounds for the snug and cover. Paddy loves it :) 

  • Oh wow Aussie well done on getting back to the gym! I can't wait to do the same.

    i must say that these first four weeks have been tough but I feel like I'm starting to turn a corner - Matilda is waking every three hours through the night but because I always give her a bottle around 9pm, it's the same time every night that she's waking up (1am, 4am, 7am) so I'm getting around 2 hours sleep in between feeds as she settles straight away. I know I'm lucky but praying he starts to sleep through soon ... I love my sleep!!

    not sure if I updated you all on the hole in her heart.... the hole is a tiny 1.5mm and shouldn't cause her any problems but we're due to go back in February to check. Very good news! I was distraught when I found out.

    Here are some pictures of my beautiful princesS.



  • A month already!! 😮 That's really great news about Matilda missfoy, lovely pictures! 

    Sleep is my big issue at moment and partner going back to work tomorrow. Feel sorry for him as I know he wants to spend more time with Mia. 

    Here is my chunky monkey 😍 Mia was born 5.32am 17th August (day before her daddy's birthday) weighing 9.3! 


  • Miss foy so glad u got good news!!!

    She's gorgeous!

    Oh Leo Mia is lovely :)

    I feel u on the sleep!!

    I got lucky last night - Paddy slept for 4 and a half hours at one point. Thank God cos I was on baby Duty!

  • And thanks Aussie. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone how I'm feeling X 

  • Go Lizabee

    MissFoy - we are SO pleased to hear the news about Matilda. Wonderful update! 

    LeoJames, Mia is just peaches and cream gorgeous!

  • Aussie I envy you so much for getting back in the gym, i'm so tried juggling the baby with my 4yr old can't wait for school to start next week. 

    Bubba will be a month on Thursday she has been mixed fed for a week now but she has completely gone off formula and crys when I offer her the bottle, she only wants breastmilk but I know i don't have enough so wonder if it's a comfort thing. 

  • I'm coping alot better with the lack of sleep than I thought I would but my partner had been amazing help so I think that's really helped plus I'm bottle feeding so it's not all down to me! Charlie is looking to be fed around every 2 hours aswell but is pretty settled Inbetween. So lovley reading how everyone is feeling and knowing ur not the only one feeling these things. I'm so emotional just now tho literally cry at everything. Charlie had a bad tongue tie so we went and got that snipped this morning he wasn't even bothered but I had to fight the tears lol xx

  • Oh fee I would have been the same about tongue tie. It's amazing what doesn't bother them. 

    Glad you're doing well. I've been the same just crying over stupid stuff like my partner asked me about the car seat bar and I just cried and cried. stupid hormones x

  • Well midwife went fine had another sweep and this time it hurt . She said all we are waiting now is for my waters to break. Iam booked in for Sunday to have them broken if they haven't gone by then xx

  • image Here's Esmae at 18 days old 💗 image she now weighs 8lb 7! she's gained 5 oz since last Thursday I'm so proud of my boobies haha! We are waiting referral as she has tongue tie and lip tie so have been using nipple shields for the time being. Oh and here's a very adorable windy smile one image

  • She is so lovely mummatoo! We've spotted so many women in our other Baby clubs with their babies having tongue tie - so terribly sore on the boobs tho.

  • It's great to see everyone doing so well! 

    ive been really emotional too, not sure whether it's such a big change or just because I'm exhausted. Thank god for my fiancé! He is so good with her, better than me I think. Dreading him going back to work on Friday 😭

    Had to go get Amalia checked today as the health visitor thought she was breathing too fast. cried my eyes out but she's all okay! Just snuffly/mucusy nose as she was a csection baby. 

    How is everyone managing the night feeds? 

    Heres some photos 


    Going out to get her birth registered 


    in her favourite place on her dads chest 


    Me having too much fun wit the snapchat filters haha

  • Aww i love all the updates and gorgeous babies :-).

    I have never liked the gym but im hoping to manage to do more swimming soon just waiting till we get into more of a routine so i can head for a swim when hubby gets home from work :-). I weighed myself today for the first time since i was pregnant and i weigh 11stone 4lbs which is only a pound heavier than i was before i was pregnant. Im looking forward to getting my tummy back a bit more hopefully swimming will help with that :-).

    Going to get little man weighed on Friday to see how he is doing :-) i can see his face filling out already :-) so im pretty sure he has gained a fair amount in the last 10 days :-).

    I am really loving every moment. The lack of sleep is a challenge but im enjoying our private uninterrupted cuddles as my little girl wants to be involved all day. We are bottle feeding and i thinkthats why i feel so much better this time as im not stressing anout breast feeding not working.


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