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9 month development questionnaire from the HV

Hi all. Long time since i have been here. But as you can imagine how busy i am. 

Well i received the babies 9 month development questionn today ( even tho the babies are going on 11 months shortly). I honestly have to say half the stuff my lot cant do yet... The standing, walking around holding furniture.... Few to menton it's nearly 5 pages long haven't even read it all. But what happens if they cant do the things listed. I cant give that 121 attention each baby needs. Is that why they  cant do some things? or just simply developing slower?  And they were born 6 weeks prem??? 

How are are you ladies getting on With your babies development. 


  • Hi Flaxley, it's wonderful to see your name pop up - how are those babies of yours doing? 

    We're sorry we can't answer your questions, but the women in your December 15 Babies thread might be able to help? We're sure they'd love to hear from you and have an update on how you and the babies are getting on. 

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