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July 16 Babies - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 16 Babies peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Rustic what's one of those? It's sounds funmy ha. I'll kick his ass if he is cuz both known each other ages all friends if that makes sense x glad I'm not talking nonsense though ha x

  • It's called a scream screening! Lol!

  • Definitely gonna have a look for one lol

  • Ive looked and it's miles away for a cinema near me :( wudnt be worth taking her all that way at the min. I'm well disappointed ha. 

    Anyone else's baby growing out of nappies like there's no tomorrow! She's had to have size 3 now! She's also in between 0-3 and 3-6 clothes where some are too small but others r too big! shes lived in baby grows all week x

  • Yep Oliver's only 8 weeks and I just got him size 3 he's already in size 2 and he fits much better in the 3's he's nearly out of 0-3 months. i don't know if my tumble dryer is shrinking everything! Im going to look for a scream screening! What cinema is it as in cineworld/vue etc xx 

  • it's a picture house cinema so not a big chain

    K85m Oliver is the same, about to go into size 3 nappies once I use up the 2's, maybe straight into 3+ actually, and he is also in the inbetween on clothes stage!

  • Oh wow th looks like a cool cinema they have a few in London but in dodgy areas so probably wouldn't go lol I miss the cinema I never go now unless it's a big film.. We watch films online instead

    i'm in shock Oliver slept about 8 hours yesterday I got a solid 6 hours which is nice X 

  • I cud cry I'm that tired. Baby went sleep bout 10 then woke at 2 for a bottle but my oh woke me up coming to bed at 12.30! Then she was wide awake till 4 then my son got up come in and then she woke up at 6 and so did he! I'm seriously peed off as well as my oh snores his head off while I'm there feeding and keeping her entertained till 4 then has the cheek to say at 7 here I'll have her for a bit I'm up now!! F ck right off!! I got to get my son ready for school n take him so he's doin me no favours sitting there yawning. I'm trying so hard not to snap needed somewhere to vent sorry ladies x x

  • Oh k85 that's not good! Hope u manage to get some sleep while he's at school!! Oliver's gone back to sleep he usually does if he wakes at 6 but he was sick everywhere after his milk! He's literally never sick so now I'm worried he might be getting ill x 

  • Hello everyone,
    We wanted to drop by and let you know about two new threads we’re running today.

    The first is, if you are married, did you change surname? And if you didn’t change it, please do come and tell us why on this new thread here. 

    The second thing we’re talking about is a new term for that stage between baby and toddler - it’s called pre-tod. What do you think of it? Please do come an check out that thread over here. 

    And finally a little heads up for you all - if you have a toddler already, please do keep an eye on the Product Tests area of the forum today….

  • Claire it might be because he slept so long he guzzled his milk a bit too quick which is why he was sick.

  • Sorry girks I missed so so many message been snowed under with Ollie unwell and apps Wee man went down at 9pm last nite I woke in panic at 3 as was still alsleep he never woke up till 5am x

  • He wasn't sick again thank god my Lb got a stomach bug when he was a baby was awful. I think he did just guzzle it a bit fast lol he slept most of the day yesterday think he's having a growth spurt! 

    oh jwebster u poor thing how is he xx 

  • He is gettin better but had a hard time of it can't believe it how long it took him x

  • Oh poor babies! Jwebster hope Ollie is better or least getting there. Not nice is it wen can't do anything for them!

    I joined weight watchers last nite and all I can think about is food! Not even hungry ha ha x

  • Oh that's gd you join ww that's didn't work for me you will do amazing Mrs 

    is your baby neille sleeping threw nite x

  • She was but last week or so her sniffly nose has come bk and she's got very narrow pascal passages so she not breathing well so wakes up through the nite and takes a while to settle bk off poor thing. Then it ends up waking my son up so we've all been shattered....apart from my oh who snores through it all and wonders why I'm peed off ha. 

  • I want to join weight watchers too! missed the session yesterday so going next week :) men sleep through anything! Oliver has been quite bunged up at night but it keeps getting cold when I have the window open! 

    we're chilling in the garden while I'm testing paint samples lol 


  • imageimageimage

    Hey girls Esmae is 6 weeks old today! She's weighing in at 10lb 5 got her weighed yesterday; we are still breastfeeding she had her tongue tie snipped 3 days ago she cried so much it was so horrible however feeding is already improved so much hoping to wean off the nipple shields shortly

    She's getting so strong at holding her head up! She's such a content baby here she is last night just chilling image

  • It's so much better once they've had the tongue toe cut I found the shields didn't help much. glad she's doing well 

    I accidentally woke Ollie up earlier and he's really whingy now he wants milk then sicked it up because he was actually full. Note to self don't change his nappy when he's asleep ever again haha X 

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