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  • Bex after saying how good she is in the note, I've had a rough one as she was awake practically feeding constantly from about 11pm - 3.40am, awake at 6-7, awake at 8-9.15 and then has just woke up. Felt like ribbbish at 9am but am awake now and feeling ok (nit sure for how long though).

    Gixxers, I had one done Friday. Haven't seen the pics yet but excited for when I do. Trying to think about what sort of thing I want to order. It's so easy to get carried away but the pics are just so expensive 😬 X

  • H everyone , loving all the baby pics all so beautiful... Hope ur all well and be proud of all your breastfeeding , I have given in now and given Isla formula , I feel so guilty and miss the bond but for me personally , 3 weeks was enough I would get flustered when visitors come round and when out and about because I felt stressed feeding my boobs were huge and was sick of waking up covered in milk and my 9 year old telling me I smell like cheese when she got up in the mornings lol, plus I think I had too much because I was squirting all over the baby when she pulled away from my nipple yet when I tried expressing I could only manage 2 ounces. :( , also having another child to look after and make tea for ect and t to different activitys at night it all got to much, feeling abit of a failure but hey hoe Islas had a good start. Good luck to all u other amazing mummy's xxx

  • imageHappy baby wrapped up on the park having warm bottle whilst her sister picked conkers 😘

  • Had to go to on call doc today about my infection as it's got worse.  Half my wound has opened up now. Got antibiotics finally. Doc couldn't believe I wasn't put on them on Fri at gp office. I'm livid because it's a pretty bad Infection now. Possibility of hospital if antibiotics don't work. Have to go back to docs tomorrow for swabs etc. And been put on total rest which leaves me useless.... a pretty crappy day all round... 

  • Karen that's terrible :( really hope you don't end up in hospital 😒

    Marie I was £50 for 4 prints and a disk. The girl I use works from her house and is really good :) 

    kg I know that feeling if people in and baby needing fed 😰 I get all flustered but now I just say excuse me and go thre my room. Unless it's family my side as I will just throw a cover over me and feed. Hubby understands and know I think it's a privacy thing.. xxx

  • Hey 😃

    Karen - That sounds rubbish hopefully you won't have to go to hospital!!

    Chloe - Are you and Morgan home yet? Hope you are both well!

    KG - Love how honest youve been about breastfeeding.. Gotta say I hate it, it hurts so much and I've sat there crying through some feeds it's just awful!

    Gixxers I totally get the privacy thing too! 

    Hope everyone else is doing well too.. 


  • breastfeeding Infront of the husband is fine.  I don't even like doing it Infront of my other 2 kids. My nipples hurt when she 1st latched on then after that it's fine. 

    think I jinxed myself tho as today she's not been off the boob xxx

  • KG don't feel bad about it. Plenty of people use formula. It is really demanding and feel like I can't wear anything as it all has to be feeding friendly. I also don't like the thought of being out and her needing to be fed. its happened once but I just went to the toilet and did it, which wasn't very nice but I'm not comfortable in front of people whether I'm covered up or not.

    Gixxers that is good. Mine was £95 for the shoot and I get one print. Each additional print is £40. Ideally I want the photo book which will have them all in but it's £500. Otherwise having the prints digitally on USB so I can print off my own pics as and when is £450. It's just so much money. 

  • Thanks girls, i know it's hard but all I can say is u got to do what makes u happy , I know the baby is my priority but I was getting upset all the time and feeling drained and my midwife said that its m better for isla to have a happy mummy rather than me constantly upset. 😔 

    I dont know if anyone else has experienced this but since having isla I get very anxious around big groups of ppl, i almost feel panicky , don't know what it is but everytime I've done some shopping or been In a shopping centre I can't wait to get back to the car and useally have a cry once I get in, probs still hormones and adjusting to being a mum again. Keep well everyone and it's a new week tomorrow , hope it's a good one filled with as much sleep as use can all get right now. Xxx

  • I've cried pretty much every day since baby was born. I don't feel down or anything. It's usually just because I feel so unbelievably happy to have her. It took me three years of trying before I fell pregnant and it still doesn't feel real that I actually have my baby in my arms. I just want to cherish every moment x

    You have to do what is best for you. Your midwife KG is absolutely right. You will be no good to your baby if your upset and distressed. I'm going to persevere as much as possible (ideally I want to do it for 3 months) but if it gets too much then formula it is x

  • My oldest 2 were on formula For different reason. My fear is she's not getting enough or I dry up 😒

    Marie I'm in my late 20's and although we had 2 children we tried for 2 years to get Jordanna. Nearly lost my life at one point and we still can't get over the fact she's here. So it has us really emotional . 

    Thats expensive for photos almost as expensive as wedding photo. 


  • Hey everyone, 

    I'm a little late to the party with this, but have been following you all! Can't believe you've all had your babies - your so lucky. 

    My due date was 29th September and I'm still waiting :( had consultant appointment and they have booked me in for induction on the 10th.... altho I have a sweep this Wednesday first! 

    Really didn't think I'd be this fed up by now, just want to meet little lady now! 


  • Aww I have woke up today with my whole body Aching , a sore throats and slept almost all day :( I feel really bad because daddy has had to bottle feed Jordanna to the point she gave him aptimil so u could sleep this off.

    i feel terrible xx

  • Morning everyone. How's everyone doing? 

    I had a scary night. Went to use bathroom last night and suddenly started bleeding bright red heavy blood. Went straight to hosp and have been given antibiotics. I'm so scared its going to happen again though. I don't understand what caused it?? My tummy feels tender but I'm assuming that's normal after childbirth???

    On a positive note my little lady is feeding and sleeping really well which makes things a bit easier. I can't get enough of her!image

  • Hey all! ~ I wrote a whole reply yesterday and it didn't send.. stupid iPhone! fuming I was so thought I'd pop back today haha!

    how are we all doing?

    KG. ~ you look so well & isla looks so cosy, I do love the autumn! I totally understand why you've gone on to bottles. ive thought of you a few times this week when I've been feeding on demand and remember one of your previous posts.. it's so hard😭 I'm glad you're doing what's best for you both.. that is what matters💘

    ~ I feel like i always have a baby hanging off my boob.🤔 Then I wonder if I'm feeding properly? is he getting enough? Always questioning whether or not to burp him as it just seems to anger him as soon as I try! where as if I swaddle him & put him down he stays chilled and sleeps! this new mum thing is scaaary. I find myself just watching him, when I could be sleeping too haha!

    StaceyP ~ Welcome🙋🏽 Glad you've found us, i love this blog 😂 I don't envy you & hope things start moving for you soon. i went 5 days over and turned in to a dragon. it happened on the 5th day though when I least expected it though so fingers crossed you'll have your baby soon!

    Gixxer ~ are you feeling any better? Poorly mum and demanding baby isnt the best of situations is it😖 Hope you're on the mend!

    Karen ~ how's the section scar today? Healing away? Have you recovered from the operation do you think? 

    I'm hoping and praying we are let home today. 9th day here and I'm going insane. Need to be in my clean house away from this place 😂

    Have a nice day everyone x

  • I have just seen your comment Bex. look how content she is😍 What a Little Doll. Beautiful💘

    hell about your bleed, what was it? Hope it doesn't happen again and the antibiotics do the job, did have a vaginal birth or section again I can't remember? 💘

  • Have no idea the reason for the bleed...I've read horror stories about haemorraging so I'm really paranoid now!!! I had a vaginal birth but had to have an episiotomy .. Ouch! Really hope it doesn't happen again!

    How u feeling now? Hope you get to go home soon!xxx

  • Hiya ladies

    been busy catching up with all the messages and sorry if I have missed anyone.

    chloe hope you get to go home soon. How are you and Morgan doing?

    bex poor you with the bleeding - I hope the antibiotics work and you have no more scares.

    kg I hope the crowd situation gets better for you and that the anxiety eases.

    i hope you get well soon gixxers.

    hiya Staceyp. I hope you get to meet your little one soon.

    life here is absolutely chaotic. I am feeling completely overwhelmed trying to juggle both the boys. Joseph started reception a couple of weeks ago and I have no idea how we make it out the door on time every day. the last week Oliver has been throwing up his bottles at every feed and has now been diagnosed with colic and reflux. He has also decided that sleeping is for wimps and spends all his time screaming (because of the reflux) and if I put him down the screaming escalates to hysteria so I get absolutely nothing done. Then when Joseph gets home he is getting upset because Oliver needs attention and at some point I need to fit in his homework (phonics and reading and writing). My husband is as helpful as a chocolate teapot and we have done nothing but argue. 

    i am sorry for being negative ladies but I am really struggling at the moment and just needed to rant.


  • Earthangel🐝 Sounds you're having a time of it. i honestly take my hat off to all you mumma's with more than one baby, it must be damn hard work! oh lordy poor Oliver 😫 Sounds nasty, i bet the cry is a painful one as well isn't it, bless him. Did the doctors prescribe anything? Hoping things get a bit easier for you soon! Do you bottle feed? XX

  • Thank you chloe. The cry is a painful one and is heartbreaking. The doc said infacol for the colic before every feed and gaviscon in his bottles for the reflux. I am hoping it starts kicking in soon and he goes back to my chilled boy. He is bottle fed. I tried breastfeeding but it didn't work for us. 

    have you any news on whether you will be able to go home soon?


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