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  • I had one on Saturday, Maddison was nearly 4 weeks and I was told by some they wouldn't do it as she was too old image had a preview shot today and I love it! 

  • Right so I thoughthought when I click reply next to a post it replies there... but it seems it's at the end 🙈

    Earthangel it's heartbreaking to watch isn't it, Maddison has Colic and constipation I just want to take it away from her! Docs give us some lactoluse and the Infacol has really been helping with her wind, so fingers crossed I have a happy baby back soon! Although we did get our first smiles yesterday 👍

  • Oh Hayley how lovely to have your first smiles.

    has Maddison had the colic for long? It totally sucks when they cry like that isn't it. 


  • Yeah they told me it ideally had to be done within the first 10 days.

    Chloe I can't believe your still in hospital. I bet you can't wait to get home. 

    Earth angel/Hayley poor little babies. It seems so be so common but must be heartbreaking to see them in pain.

    Im having a little meltdown this evening. My partner has informed me he has made plans for us to meet up with a friend for dinner on sat and that we can leave the baby and my step children with his mum. I havent said anything to him but it's given me serious anxiety and I've burst into tears over it as Im really not ready to leave my baby to go out and have fun. She is only 2 weeks old and I'm breast feeding and it's just too soon. I'm going to suggest he goes alone. I don't want to be a party pooper and I know we have to have time together without the baby but it's just too soon for me. If I'm totally honest I'm hoping he doesn't go either as the thought of him out getting drunk fills me with dread too although he deserves to be able to enjoy himself so im not going to ask him not to go. Sorry for the rant. x

  • imageimage

    Home we are! Got home around 5pm yesterday evening.. love it😭😍

    Marrie I wouldn't do anything that you don't want to do.. tell your partner I'm sure he will understand & just thought he was doing good.. men eh! haha. I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my boy so early on either so what you're feeling has to be normal'fornus ladys!

    Hayley how lush you had smiles😍 I love wind smiles enough let alone the real thing. Beaut👌🏾

    So Morgan is now 10days old, i want to bath him today.. IM SCARED! 😂❤️

  • Earthangel she has had it since week 2 but it finally seems clearing away, one of those wait it out things I think! We've been a lot more patient when winding her and stopping every oz to wind which along with infacol has definitely helped! 

    Marie he should understand and if he doesn't well tough! Don't feel pressured! 

    Chloe he is gorgeous bet your so relieved to be home! Ahh we love bath time (we'll when actually in the bath, not the lead up to it or the drying afterward haha)

    I will be able to drive again soon (yay! I literally feel like I have cabin fever!) I'm looking for a mirror so I can see her in car but I'm struggling to find one that doesn't have to attach to a headrest, we don't have them! Any ideas?

  • haha im even more excited to bath him now! He needs a good ol' hose down😂 

    Do any of you lady's have set times as to when you feed your little ones, or do you do it on demand? I feel morgan always wants the boob, he loves a good scream if he's not on it.. even after winding, changing nappy etc! as soon as he's back on my nipple he seems to be happy as Larry so finding a routine I feel for me is impossible.. maybe I will just have a baby hanging off my boob forever 😃

    Im so jealous you can drive soon Hayley! Did you have a section too i take it? How long have you waited? Maybe look on eBay for something? they seem to have everything on there xxx

  • Lol Chloe my little Heidi is exactly the same... always happiest when she's on the boob. I feed on demand as that's what midwife said. She also said breastfed babies don't need winding so that's one less thing to think about.x

  • Hi everyone, we hope you're all doing really well. 
    We just wanted to drop by and let you know, if any of you are bottle feeding and are suffering with the dreaded colic, please do drop me a PM as we're currently testing anti-colic bottles. 

  • Glad to hear your finally home Chloe. I bathed Florence at 9 days and she was fine. I have one of those bath seats.

    Im breastfeeding and don't have any set times to feed her, i just do it in demand and then hopefully can get into some routine when she is a little older. I do have to wind her sometimes as she does seem to have a bit of wind and often has hiccups.

    Hayley I need to get a mirror in the car too as I get anxious when I can't see her that she can't breath so will put my mind at rest.

  • ah ok Hayley. Hopefully Oliver won't have it for too long. He seems to love infacol though ha ha.

    oh Marie bless you. hopefully your other half will be understanding but if you are not ready and end up going you will be too busy worrying about bubba to enjoy yourself anyway. Totally feel for you lovely.

     Yay chloe so glad you are home and such lovely pics. 

    Ooo Danielle I will send you a pm As colic is the bane of my life at the moment.


  • Ahhh yes yes yes Thankyou Lady's! This is what I'm doing too, so glad I'm doing this right. Do you guys question everything like me?🙊 I'm driving my mum up the wall I think. Marie Morgan always gets the hiccups too, I feel sorry for him! he used to get them in my belly too!

    Would a mirror like that work? Good price too you could probably find cheaper elsewhere..

    Midwife visited earlier.. morgan is now 7lbs9oz ..2oz above his birth weight and 6oz above his weight on day 5, I need to stick this out!! 

    Thankyou for the advice mumma's xxx

  • Bless you Earlthangel ❤️

    Thanks Chloe. That may work. Will have to have a quick look in the car as I can't for the life of me remember if we have headrests in the back or not lol

    Im forever on google looking up stuff. Babu has sniffles at the moment so worrying about her not being able to breath. 

    Thats really good witb his weight. Florence went down from 6.13 to 6.7 and then a week later has gone up to 6.12 but still below her birth weight so they are going to weigh her again next week x

  • Beautiful pictures Chlooepee!! So good to see you happy and back home with your gorgeous Morgan <3 x

  • Hi ladie, how are you? 

    We had a newborn shoot when Lennon was 6 days old. Was a gift from the couple who live next door but the actual photos cost a fortune but they are amazing. 

    I bought a mirror in the Sainsburys baby event. It was £8 and attaches to the headrest. Really is great being able to see bubba. 

    Lennon is 3 weeks tomorrow. I've been going out to the shops etc since day 3 but am thinking of going to a few groups? Has anyone started going to baby groups yet? I've booked in for a Baby and You group starting on the 18th, which the Health visitor told me about. At my children's centre they do a coffee morning on a Friday, which I'm thinking of going to. I have no mum friends in my area so I'm very nervous!! 

    Have a lovely day. Xx

  • Ha ha Chloe - Oliver is my 2nd and I still question everything all the time.

    sounds like Morgan and Florence are putting on weight nicely.

    good luck with the mummy groups kemma. I have been taking Oliver to one I used to volunteer at and where I used to take my eldest. 

    thank you aswell danielle for my bits. I can't wait to use the swaddle blanket.


  • Oh hooray, the gifts are arriving! Please do PM me if your blanket doesn't arrive by monday... 

    While we're here,today we're talking about breaking the big news of your pregnancy. How did you tell people you were pregnant, and how many weeks pregnant were you? Please do pop over to this other thread here and let us know! 

  • image

    My gift arrived today. Thanks Made for Mums and Aden and Anais. x

    I was wondering about baby groups too. My health visitor gave me a leaflet when she came tuesday but I wasnt sure if maybe she was a bit young as she would prob sleep or eat through the whole thing lol I do plan to go though as I think it will be good for and hopefully I can make some mum friends too x

  • image


    Hi everyone how are we all?

    not been in a couple days as felt horrible. Thankfully I'm feeling a lot more normal today. 

    Health visitor was out yesterday and Jordanna is now 7lbs 15oz 🙈 1ft 9 in length lol 

    she made 7 oz loss in her 1st week n last time midwife weighed her she was 7lbs 6oz. 

    Shes been really good and midwife sent daddy for apitimil for a bottle feed when I was ill to give me a break she got breast every 2nd feed for 2 days now am having to build my milk flow back up 😒 Hated not feeding her every feed but was better for her and myself in the long run xxx

  • Sorry to hear you've been ill Gixxers. Hope your feeling better now.

    What lovely pictures of baby. Her outfit is adorable. My bubba is currently living in sleepsuits lol x

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