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  • KG😍❤️ The girlies are so cute, you can deffo tell they are sissys and I love their outfits 😍 isla is so grown up now whaaaaat! I am excited, moving in officially today, madness it's happened so quick.

    Karen you really sound like you have your hands full, what a little dude Arlo is! They do love scaring us don't they, I am the same with BoyMorgs. The flat is extremely baby proofed because he literally is in to everything! Petrifies me it does.

    our baby's are like this now, what the hell are they gunna be like in a few years time?😂 Maybe it's a september thing, adventurous bambinos haha!

    sounds lush Michelle, poor hubby having to cut the grass for an hour but at least he can chill in the tub after! That's pure bliss that is! 

    Marie it's scares me that our baby's are ONE next month!!! What the hell😭😭😭 my best friends have a big garden so they've said we can hire a bouncy castle and have a BBQ at theirs; all our family and friends are coming so it'll be nice. I just pray it doesn't rain else it'll be a day in doors! We are off to Butlins in October so that's going to be Morgan's main present from me. I'll probably end up getting him one of them cars they can ride in too. What's everyone else thinking? Xx


  • Hi everyone, have to say it's been wonderful to see your baby pics and read your updates - how has it almost been a year already?

    Two threads we're talking about today, if you fancied commenting.
    The first is an expert thinks we should be teaching kids in school that breastfeeding is natural: what do you think about this? Tell us here.

    Also, a new member who breastfeeds her 6month old is having a nightmare trying to get her baby to take her milk from a bottle - can you help? 

  • We have got Jordanna a memory dress and 2 coats 🙈. (Attached pictures to show you what the look like)We are just having a BBQ if weather is good and if not then a tea party inside. As her birthday is going to be hectic 🙈 As we have her cake smash that day to. 

    Jordanna has has been so grumpy last few nights these teeth are driving me round the bend lol. She now has 2 at the bottom and 2 comingbin atvthe top 😭 I'm glad they are coming threw one after another but just wish she would get a break.. as her wee bum breaks out really bad xx



  • It's amazing how super fast the year has wnet by 🙈

    Aww we chloee I bet you can't wait to get in and settled. 

    Marie I think it super hard when they are turning one because they have no clue still what's going on xx

  • Hi girls, I've missed this place! 

    Hannah so sorry to hear about your grandmother sending you lots of hugs xxx

    Chloe congratulations! You've got your own place, we'll done (I knew you could do it) I like your plans for Morgan's 1st birthday 🎂 

    Bex don't feel alone Ted isn't sleeping through either and we only ever had a few good nights 😔 

    We've had a slight change of plans and moved to Christchurch, New Zealand instead of Essex! ✈️ Sold our house, car and all the furniture, said goodbye to friends and family for now and survived the flights (London - Los Angeles - Sydney - Christchurch) with 4 year old, 2 year old and 10 months old 😂 and are now enjoying our second week here. Getting the keys to our new place tomorrow morning 😍 


  • Erithiel, what an incredible move you've made! Wishing you so much luck over there! And maybe you can help us with this thread....

    We're wondering, when you've been on flights with your babies and children, has anyone moaned and groaned if your child has cried? Please tell us on this thread here. 

  • Wow erthiel 🙈 Go you. My friend lived out their for two years and loved every minute of it.. 

    look gorgeous 😍😍

  • Hi everyone, 

    We just wanted to drop in and say as we’re sure you know all too well, September is just around the corner, which means your baby is likely to be turning 1 very soon (if they haven’t already) Hooray!

    This also means that this thread is closing, because you now have a September 2016 Toddlers thread! And, if you come and post on the new thread in the next week, we’ll pop your toddler over a little gift. 

    Please do let us know how you’re doing, tell us about your babies first birthday or what you might have planned for it - we would love to hear your news, as we’re sure the other mums you went through your pregnancies would too.


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