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  • OMG Morgan is such a cutie.

    Thanks chloe I will definitely be trying to tilt him. Have been having him sleep on me today on my chest - seems to help a little. 

    I hope Jordana is feeling better love her. Will definitely be trying the infacol too


  • She's a lot better today thankfully earth angel. Nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain and being unable to help 😔

    Any bf mums chest leak badly when baby cries not just to be fed but for any other reason 🙈 everytime Jordanna cries I end up soaked 😔 Had to get a change at my dads yesterday abd to make it worse my step brother was in and only 2nd time meeting him 😬 Xxx

  • Hello all! 

    How is Jordanna now Gixxers? Hoping she is all better 😬 Ugh gixxer i feel you, I literally hate these leaky boobs. My milk flow is super fast as well, sometimes morgan pulls off & my nipples squirt him in the face😳😭😂

    im really considering bottle feeding. Morgan is literally on my boob for what feels like all the time, especially in the night? He was off it for 2/3hours last night & wont settle unless he uses me as a dummy! then I find myself falling to sleep with him on me.. which makes me so anxious. I feel so guilty though. I just don't know what to do.. KG was it you who swapped to bottle because of similar reasons? & the whole leaky boob situation aaaaaaall the time! Oh hell I just don't know what to do! 


  • Hi Chloe i know exactly what you mean about the breast feeding little Heidi always seems to be attached to my boob lol. Especially in the evening when she cluster feeds till about midnight. Then luckily we both get two blocks of good sleep so i shouldn't complain. I don't want to give up breast feeding unless i really have to as its so so good for them! But i can completely understand why some women do! How are you finding everything else? Its def a learning curve for me! I don't even like leaving her to pop to the loo lol!!!x

  • Chloeepee I have been usung my electric pump for at night so she gets a bottle then. However I had a melt down last night was a complete emotional wreck. as hubby constantly reaches for a bottLe which I hate. 

    Shes a lot better just refuses to part with her wind lol still.. 

    danielle I haven't receiced my swaddle yet 😔 My post man has been aswell xxx

  • gixxers, so sorry it's not yet arrived - i'm going to send another one, but it won't be until next week (i'm not in the office) but promise, to get another one sent! 

    Ok, guys, this was my best winding technique... you'll look and feel silly doing it, but it really seemed to work....

    1. Hold your baby under their armpits so they are facing you, your arms stretched out a little. 
    2. Now sway your baby gently side to side so they stretch their legs out as straight as they will go. Just keep doing this for a short time.
    3. Now sit baby on your knee and rub their backs, hopefully bringing up the wind. Hopefully the stretching out motion will have helped the wind travel up and out. 

    Let me know if it works! 

  • thanks Danielle.

    my hubby rocks jordanna  to side so she stretches out the does the back rub n she brings some up xxx

  • Chloe I sympathise with the breastfeeding situation and my left boob also keeps squirting poor Florence in the face lol I plan on giving expressing another go as last time she wouldn't take to the bottle (although I've bought some different ones to try). I find the evening time between 8.30pm and 1am the most difficult as this is when she cluster feeds. 

    Just waiting for t health visitor to arrive. She was supposed to be coming at 12 for a weigh in but hadn't yet arrived and I don't appear to have her phone number. 

    Weather has turned a bit chilly here in Essex (although sun is currently beaming) and I'm finding it difficult to know how many blankets I should put on baby in the night. I have a thermometer and it says it's within the recommended temp, she wears a vest and sleep suit and I put one blanket folded in half on her. I touch her chest through the night and it seems warm but the oh seems to think she should have another blanket as it's cold. I keep being told one more layer than I would wear myself but it's st hard to gage when it comes to bedding at night. Anyone else's thoughts would be welcome x

  • Hi everyone, just joining this as I had my little girl Elyse on 4th September. just been reading about how dummies reduce the risk of SIDS.... Wasnt planning on giving her a dummy but now wondering what's best, any thoughts?

    lovely to see everyone's photos, so cute. I'm loving being a mummy, so amazing!

  • Hi NR82, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations on your baby! How are you finding parenthood and do you fancy sharing a pic of your little girl? 

  • Hi all, 

    Sorry been a while! I read about different winding techniques and the Chinese hold them under the arms and lift them up and down 15 times.... it works wonders for Maddison 👍 also the midwife just told us to sit her up completely straight and not do anything else.. leave it a couple of mins and that works too! I find a mix of those 2 and the over shoulder rub works best 😊

    We had her pics back today they're sogorgeous! Glad I had them done... although she has such a grumpy face on half of them ha

    Had a drive for the first time yesterday, it felt amazing I have my freedom back!!

    Hi NR82 we have the same birthday babies!

  • P.s. i find the lifting up and down is working wonders on my bingo wings 😂😂 

  • Hey All

    Sorry havent been on in a while been in bed full of a cold with a temperature.. baby is fine though which is the main thing! 

    Thanks for the swaddle blanket Danielle  .. Love it!! 

    Hope all is well with everyone xx

  • Hi Hayley0409, happy day for us both then!

    This is Elyse, my precious little one!image

  • Hello nr82 - elyse is beautiful. 

    I use a dummy with oliver. I got him 0-2 month ones. He doesn't have it all the time and tends to spit it out if he falls asleep with it in his mouth.

    Danielle I am so going to try your technique for bringing up wind. Am so excited that the anti colic bottles arrived today. Fingers crossed we get some good results as my poor little man is really suffering. 

    Can't believe oliver is 6 weeks old today. I had my check with the doctor today who said my c section scar had knitted together nicely and looks good. Just need to get over the feeling of being overwhelmed with 2 now ha ha. 


  • Welcome nr82 🙋🏼

    I use mams bottles when I've expressed. I love them it's helped Jordanna loads as she has really bad colic :( when I feed her myself hate seeing her in slit if pain with it. 

    Dr browns are another fab anti-colic bottle. We went threw every make of bottle when my oldest Makenzi was born n able to take a bottle n she ended up only taking them.

    marie I have a ves, sleepsuits, a blanket halved and then another blanket over Jordanna at night. She normally ends up kicking one off though lol. Weathers getting a little colder her every in Ayr (Scotland) to. 

    Hh I feel for you I was ill last week and it totally threw me off 😔

    earthangel  don't get my 6 week check till between 6-8 weeks as they tie it in with babies 1st jags xxx

  • Oh my lady's. Another horrendous night for us. Morgan literally will not settle in his basket! he can be sound asleep, flat out! I put him down and he screams blue murder as if I haven't fed or cuddled him in hours! Help😭 I end up sleeping downstairs on the sofa and I just hate the fact I doze off breast feeding him. i feel so guilty but I think I'm going to have to change to bottles!!😳

    I'm loving being a mummy Bex.. same as you though I have him in my arms all day! as soon as I put him down to stick the washing or something on I feel terrible 🙈 I especially love feeling normal again & getting out and about!

    i can't wait to be able to drive again Hayley.. isn't it strange how used to it we get. im totally lost not being able to just jump in my car & do as I please.. I totally do not understand bus time tables either 😬😂

     I'm going to try these winding techniques with Morgan too.. he doesn't seem very windy but it's everytime I lay him on his back he despises life! so I shall give these a shot and see if it makes a difference to his moods lol!

    Welcome NR82, Elyse is a beauty! i love her outfit and diddy shoes!!

    the night owl really enjoyed his first bath yesterday:



  • Heidi wont settle in her crib at night either Chloe so she sleeps in bed with me at the moment. I know its frowned upon by alot of people but its also said to reduce SIDS as baby picks up your breathing pattern etc. I just make sure there's no pillows or loose covers near her. We then both get really good sleep. Hopefully in a few weeks we can try again her crib again. She fights her sleep in the day but she does eventually go in her moses basket and is a good sleeper when she finally goes! Being a mummy is def hard work but so worth it.x

  • I'm so glad it's not just me Bex! I do worry about SIDS like you too, but you sleep so lightly when they're next to you don't you & it's literally the only way I'm getting an hour or so kip in. He falls to sleep on my boob and i do too., My mum keeps shouting at me for it though😫 Ugh. Tricky. I'm hoping that side of things gets a little bit easier. youre right being a mummy is the best feeling in the world.. especially when they cry in someone else's arms and are quiet as soon as they're passed back to you! i love that🙊😂 xxx

  • Exactly. Im such a light sleeper anyway so im personally not worried. Hopefully from about 6 weeks she will start to feel more secure going in her crib. 

    I took Heidi to town in her pushchair the other day and she literally screamed the whole way there and the whole way back. People kept staring and making unhelpful comments like "shes not happy is she "! Ughhh it made me sooo mad!! Hopefully we wont have a repeat of that today. Im gunna express some milk n take that with was too stressful stopping to breastfeed her etc!!x

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