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  • Hi girls hope your all well , welcome tothe group  the new ones that havejoined and congrats on the babies. 

    Sorry haven't been in touch it's all busy atm, chloee u sound like ur doing really well breastfeeding still but I know it Is hard for u, I'm so glad I went on the bottles but I do miss the bond of breastfeeding ... This is me doing the school run , baby screaming for feed and would be impossible to breastfeed in car with boobies out at the school lol xxx

  • Oh hell KG I don't feel like I am at the moment. I've expressed a bottle for tonight.. 4oz I'm going to see whether this helps matter! I guess it'll give my nips a rest if he takes to it!

    haha absolutely multi tasking! see the pooch loving life there as well.. hope you're little girl is enjoying being back at school! 

    Bex I hope this for us too as well. How often do you think Heidi feeds? I feel like I'm doing something wrong because Morgan literally only settles on my boob. if he isn't on it he's crying & I feel so lame like nothing I do settles him apart from giving him my boob! is anyone else like this?😭 Oh god comments like that would anger me as well.. I'd have to bite my tongue I'm so moody sometimes haha! I hope your trip to town today was a little easier? I feel like the more I get out the easier it is getting! although I've stayed in all day today as the weather is hideous. 💙

  • Evening all, similar story here, Elyse wants to be with me all day, awake or asleep. when she's not feeding and sleeping I try to put her down to sleep and she's awake within 5 mins crying the house down! Strange thing is that at night she sleeps in the crib just fine.... any ideas as to how I can settle her during the day? 

  • sounda like everyone having a time of it 😔 

    Well Jordanna gets boob fed every 2nd feed and bottle inbetween boob. I feel like this has made a massive difference and dispute how much I don't want to give her the bottle it's a needs must as she was so demanding (typical femaLe) and always wanted latched on. Since doing this she has been a lot more settled however she will take 6/7oz from a bottle no problem atal. She's only 2weeks old. We have her in aptamil for colic as found she was really bad with colic with normal aptamil. hope this helps. .

    i will allow her to cluster feed a little bit at night once my older 2 go to bed. 


  • NR82 this makes me feel so much better.. I feel so alone sometimes like I'm doing something wrong! It sounds we are experiencing similar situations though, hopefully we can work something out! Does Elyse have a dummy? morgan settles in the day in his pram or crib but only because I make sure he's flat out before I lay him down! I'm racking my brains to why he won't do the same in the night! I also read to make sure baby stays awake and stimulated on the breast rather than allowing him/her to fall asleep.. making sure they have a full belly so when they're put down hunger doesn't wake them! But who knows because clearly I'm still going wrong somewhere lol! 

    oh I do love this blog😭😍

    I'm going to try your way as of tomorrow Gixxer! Morgan is the same age as Jordanna and it is just so demanding I recon he could be super hungry because he's gaining weight so maybe this is why he won't settle and wants to be back latched on as soon as he wakes.. anything is worth a try! i have the HV tomorrow so maybe she can shine some more light on how I'm feeling! Xx

  • Id say i feed Heidi around every 3/4 hours but sometimes she cluster feeds like every ten mins in the evening! Its exhausting lol! 

    Went out again today and she didn't cry as much which was a relief! I hate ppl staring when she does!

    I really need to join some baby groups but there's not much in my area. I don't drive n i don't feel ready to get the bus to other places yet!! 

  • Bex isn't it & so scary I feel! Wanting to get everything right but not knowing whether you are or not! Glad you had a calmer outing today, soon Heidi will be used to her pram and I'm sure it'll be a doddle for you both 😍 Oh I don't blame you at all.. I was going to get the bus in to town today but thought what if he screams the place down and there was no escaping! i can imagine all the elderly folk staring for me to do something and the only option being whacking a bap out 😂 

    Do you have a local library? I wonder if they'd offer baby groups I know ours does xx

  • LOL!!! This is exactly my fear! When she screamed at docs the other day i actually had to find a seat n feed her! I had only popped in to register her! Then i heard her do the most explosive poo ever but there were no baby change facilities anywhere! Luckily it was only a 5min walk home! Hopefully i will work out the places in town that do have changing facilities!x

  • Chloopee i feel she's more settled now and sometimes I find she will wrestle n not take to boob at night so we will give her a bottle. i have cried over it as it's not the same but happy baby is what we all aim for.. she's been bf for just over 2 weeks so she's had all the goodness at the start thankfully.. I still express into a bottle though so she's still getting boob milk every other feed. which is the main thing. 

    Outings are hard. I don't get a bus unless it's my last option I get hubby to drop me where I'm going if he's not with me lol..

    anyone elses section scar really itchy 🙈

  • Bex the explosive poos are so freakin' loud it's actually too funny! i always think people would think it's me if they heard one of baby's crackers.. such loud noises coming from such small beings lol😂 That's so annoying everywhere should offer baby facilities.. it's sad that they don't! Look for the nearest Costa or M£S perfect excuse for a coffee and cake stop also!

    I know what you mean Gixxer that's what's putting me off I know I'll feel guilty and miss the connection but as you said a happy baby is key.. and right now I'm so cranky and tired I feel my mood rubs off on the baby!! it isn't his fault he's always hungry and is a typical boy loving the boobs already ✌🏽️😂 Good point my mum keeps saying how the best part is the first few days.. I've managed to express 5oz for tonight I'm interested to see how much he takes!

    mine isnt that itchy but I assume it's a good thing if it is.. must mean it's healing well forbyou..


  • Evening ladies.

    chloe when I had Joseph (my eldest) I was told that babies are mainly nocturnal for the first 6 weeks so maybe that is why it is harder to settle Morgan at night.

    hats off to you ladies still breastfeeding. Unfortunately it just didn't work for me but am happy Oliver is on bottles as it does make life easier.

    gixxers my scar still itches from time to time - drives me nuts.

    so had oliver weighed on Monday - 6 weeks old and he is 10lb 12oz already ha ha. health visitor gave me the concerned look as he has gone slightly above the 50th centile and said "we don't want him climbing up the centiles too high".  she also thought 5oz per feed was a lot but as I pointed out when we gave him less he cried for more but he is drinking the full 5oz!!


  • Nice to hear from you Earthangel! sounds like Oliver is doing well😍 if he's enjoying his 5oz then so be it! It is funny how these gealth visitors go by paper isn't it, all baby's are different! 6 weeks already? jeepers creepers how fast has that gone... isn't it mad how we are mid October now? & this time last month many of us were still eagerly waiting for the bambinos to arrive! time really is flying by! How are you? 

    We had a solid 2 hours sleep from midnight until 2.. my nipples are killing I tried breast feeding when Morgan woke but it was irritating me too much so I went for the expressed bottle! He is now fast asleep in his pram so I'm going to try and grab another hour or so. I think I'm going to be moving on to expressing bottles! it's so much less stress & I think I'll be able to enjoy my greedy baby more!😬🙈💙


  • Hi gixxersmrs2 my section scar has started really itching, I had an infection on week 2 so worrying me slightly! 

    Maddison has started getting into a bit of a routine I feel.... she had a bottle at half 6 last night woke up for another at 2 and I'm still waiting for her to wake up its nearly 8.30 🙈 getting concerned she's missing her feeds but then tried waking her and she is a nightmare all day! She is still only on 3oz have tried testing 4oz but she started being really sicky and she's never been a sicky baby don't know what to do! 

    I have found some groups around me one of them is a library too.. they're all in a morning though and I struggle to be dressed and out before 12 these days 😂

    Earthangel how big was Oliver born? That sounds a fab weight to me I bet he's great for munches ha Maddison was 7lb7 born I had her weighed last week and she was 8lb4. HV is due Monday for her 6 weeks so we'll see what she says! 

    I'm am yet to have an explosive in public... she is only going 2/3 times a week which the doctor said is normal for some babies 😔

  • Ha ha chloe oliver is a proper chunky chops and loves his bottle. I am so pleased you got a good couple of hours sleep - it does make a difference. I think that expressing bottles sounds much less stressful for you and a lot less painful.  We are doing well thanks  - finally getting into a bit of a routine. 

    Bless you Hayley - hope your scar is OK. Maddison sounds like a fab sleeper and sounds like 3oz is perfect for her. Oliver was 8lb 2oz at birth and was 2 weeks early ha ha ha. Think if he was on time I would have been having a 10lb baby.

    This is my little man today love him and with his big brother.



  • Chlooepee bet you felt a little more at ease after giving him the expressed bottle 🙈 Jordanna sleeps between 4-6 hours at night after a bottle which is sheet bliss. Where as before she would wake every hour during the night for a feed. 

    Hayley I was always told when it itches it's healing maybe that's an old wives tale though lol.. 

    jordanna was weighed yesterday and she's 8lbs 6oz 🙈 She'll only be 3 weeks old on Saturday. I don't think 5oz is a lot earthangel as jordanna takes 6/7oz from a bottle and she's the same cries cause she's hungry if she don't get full amount xxx

  • My little Heidi is not a happy bunny today. She literally hasn't slept for more than 45mins at a time and has developed this new, very loud hysterical cry!! I don't know whats going on! Im feeling very tired and emotional and wish i knew how to help her. She is calm when feeding but she can't feed all day! Help!!!

  • Earthangel Oliver is so cute, look at them big eyes! See your boys loving each other in the bottom photo, priceless! 

    Gixxer.. so at ease!! That one expressed bottle & the use of a dummy has made a hell of a difference. I wasn't going to use a dummy but I think if I hadn't of introduced one by this time next week I'd have gone loopy! Last night we slept from 9-1 and then 3-7! Morgan is getting used to not hanging off my nipple to settle to sleep.. good times! He guzzled a 4oz expressed bottle no problemo💥

    How was Heidi last night Hayley?  those cries are heartbreaking aren't they😳 It's horrible not knowing what is wrong. This is how I was feeling with Morgan at the start of the week. all he done was cry and the only way he'd stop was if I put him on my boob. He wouldn't sleep in his moses basket or pram.. only on me! As I said above since introducing a dummy as much as I didn't want to.. he's been a different chilled out baby! Let's other people hold him, sleeps anywhere. its like it's comforting him xxx

  • Chlooepee that's bet you feel the benefit of it this morning 🙈 Jordanna was up at 12 then half 5 and just got back up at 11 🙈 The dummy defo helps soothe them to sleep I've noticed that with jordann. Bet morgan was a lot more happier aswell. smakl changes make a big difference.

    hayley how was heidi last night xx

  • Wondered if anyone else had had this....

    Elyse scared the life out of me last night, after feeding she literally vomitted everything back up. It looked like it was just milk but did it 3 times consecutively in space of about 15 seconds. I was so worried I've hardly slept as just kept checking on her. That was 12hours ago and so far she seems herself.

    Really worried me! Anyone else had little one do this?

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