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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in September 2016 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in September 2016 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born September 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a fabulous aden + anais’ silky soft muslin swaddle blanket* to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 



*aden + anais’ silky soft muslin swaddle blanket RRP £17, combines breathability and versatility with 100% viscose made from bamboo, making it the most luxurious fabric. The swaddles are perfect as a pram cover, burp cloth, nursing cover and more. 



  • And might we just say, Welcome to the World: Oliver James, Viviana, Isla Isabella, Will, Arlo Jackson, Meredith June, Joseph, Nancy Thomasina, Teddy Reuben, Lennon Paul, Jordanna, Florence, Orlagh, Morgan and Heidi Sienna. 

  • *high fives gixxers*

  • Lennon is sleeping giving me the time to catch up with all the new babies and mummies!! Last few days have been super hard, my little boy has found his lungs!!

    Now we have a new thread!! Hello!


  • My word, has Nancy found her lungs?? Typically between the hours of 2 and 5am hah! 

    She's totally worth it though 😍😍

    Hope you and your babies are all well xxxx

  • imageMy beautiful Heidi Sienna! I've loved being part of the due in sept thread! Lovely ladies all with lovely new babies!!x

  • Kimbo my jordanna is the sameDuring the night irvwhen we bath her she dont like it atall. Tries to eat her dads face lol if im not ready fast enough the joys of a section 😔

    Totally worth it though as you say. 


    Hope everyone and their babies are well. X

  • Hi ladies!!! How are we all? Congrats to everyone who has had their wee bambinos!!! I'm trying to adjust to being a mum of 2. I'm so grateful my 2 year old is being a wee gem... he's even slept in his own bed since Arlo arrived... this his huge because he always ended up beside us every night!! Hope he keeps it up!!

    Last night was the first time I bathed the 2 of them at the same time on my own. It was an experience. Hurt my section scar lifting my 2 year old out is the only thing lol imageimage

  • What beautiful babies!! Bex, Heidi looks so tiny.

    How is everyone coping during the night? Lennon will not sleep in his crib! I'll put him down about half 9 and he'll last an hour and then won't settle all night. 8-9am he'll happily sleep in his crib again!! 

  • Hi everyone,

    How exciting that we have now all had our september babies. looking forward to continuing our journeys together through this thread. I hope you all keep on posting. 

    Apart from waking to feed Florence is practically always sleeping, so why do I still not have time to get anything done. It is 3.30 and I've only just had my breakfast. I think im spending too much time just staring at her lol

    A quick question...when did you bath baby for the first time? 


  • XxMariexx, could you please PM me your full name and address? 

  • Hey Marie

    i bathed MJ for the first time at 7 days on midwives advice.. now every 2/3 days but it's torture cos she hates it!! 


  • imageWill is doing great! He is sleeping pretty well at night! I have been super busy and haven't been able to keep up with the thread! Loving seeing pictures of your beautiful babies!

  • I bathed Will as soon as his unbilical cord fell off. It was approximately 2 weeks.

  • Hey all

    Does anyone have any remedies for really sore nipples - using lanisoh cream which is great but as soon as she feeds again I'm in agony.. she's definately latching on right too Just think it's the cluster feeding that's killing me!! She fed from 11pm - 3am last night with only 10 minute breaks between feeds 😭

    So worth it but hoping it's a growth spurt xx

  • Thanks ladies. That is really helpful. Florence is 9 days today and her umbilical cord fell off yesterday ame was planning on bathing her this evening. 

    HH88 have you considered expressing for a bit to give your nips a break? 


  • Hh88 my nipples get sore now and then. Think its more to do with how long shes in for and how string shes suckling as other times it dont bother me xxx

  • Lovely to see all the mummies and babies! 

    They're all so beautiful 💕! 

    Karen you seem to be doing great with your two boys 😘 

    KEmma I've slept downstairs on the sofa last night as Teddy kept waking up in his gliding crib in our bedroom. I hope I won't have to do it every night but he seemed much happier in the moses basket downstairs x

    Marie I bathed all 3 of mine between 5-10 days old :) x

    HH did you try feeding whilst lying down? It did make a big difference for me and in about 2-3 days my nipples were feeling much better. Hope it helps x


    I have survived the first nursery run with all 3 little ones on my own on Wednesday. Teddy slept the whole way there and back, twice. 😊 


  • I feel super emotional reading all these posts.. I can't believe finally all our baby's have arrived safely! What absolute beauties they are and what a journey 😭😍

    we are still in hospital but today I've had more of a routine about breastfeeding and I feel it's settled the baby much more. I'm hoping for at least 4 hours kip tonight😅

    i just can not imagine life without Morgan and it's only been 4 days! I keep looking at him and thinking he was the little monkey in my belly causing all that havoc 🙊

    My best friend.


    Big love to all you mummy's & baby's from the 2 of us in Cornwall🐝✨💛

  • Hey 

    Thanks for the advice ladies.. Gonna try a combo of expressing and feeding on my side..

    My mum thinks it's mastitis as one boob is red hot and there's a big lump in there too so having to try to massage and use hot compress before feeding her, also expressing to try to relieve the sore boob Grr.. 

    Chlo he's perfect hopefully you and Morgan can go home soon!!

    Love the piccys Erithel and kudos to you for the nursery run!! I can't believe how amazing all you mummys are who have more than one child! Absolute super mums.. I don't know how I would cope with the demands of a baba and other little ones!!

    Happy Friday everyone Xxx

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