How Adele should introduce the babe to the dog (Louie)

(See no. 3 below)

1. Get a thin flannel receiving blanket, wash in preferred detergent (see tip no. 2 below) and take with you for the birth.  Wrap babe in the blanket for some time (even an hour is good) and send blanket home with Dad to give to Louie and put in his bed.  The smell of the baby is now familiar!  When you and babe come home, let someone else carry the child in.  When you come in empty-handed, make a big do over the dog and love him up very well.  Then sit on the floor and have someone hand you the babe.  Let Louie smell the babe all over saying encouraging things with a soothing voice, letting Louie know that this kid is part of the family and a good thing.  Works like a charm!

2. Wash all of the babe's clothing beforehad in the same detergent you will be using after the birth.  If baby develops a rash or reaction to the detergent, you will know which to switch from.

3. When people offer their advice, nod your head politely and listen.  Then go home and do what you want to!  (This applies to more than just child care, HA!)

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