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Hello a wee update


It's been a wee while but I'm still here.

So Cammy turns 1 next Monday! Iv no idea where this year has gone, his crawling and teething and is just amazing, Harry is 2 also this month, 5 days after Cammy turns 1! His doing amazing with speech and is into everything and has no fear!

Lennon turned 4 in August and we are still waiting for his medical review as things are not really getting any better for him, il be happy to find out what a going on for sure! 


  • Hi Sarah! So lovely to hear from you and see how far your Cameron has come! Were you in the November 15 Birth Club? If so, please do let everyone know how you're doing over here, we're sure they'd love to hear from you. 

    And we really hope you get closer to that diagnosis for Lennon. It must be so hard with the not knowing. 

  • Hello huni yes I'm here still, had a little catch up with a few of the ladies the other weekend was nice although only took Cammy and Harry and they cried for most of the time so I left a day early.

    cant wait to find out about Lenny and finally get him the help he needs, been a long time coming xx

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