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hey everyone myself, the bf and my little girl have picked alice for my next BabY. Im 21weeks today!!!

what i want to ask u guys is i want lillie as a middle name. But  i dont think alice lillie harvey-fouracre would work... what name would u think would help make the name sound nice... xx 


  • Lauren, Page, Lynn, Rose... 

  • The one i fount sounded best was rose but thats my 3 yr old daughters middle name hahaha x thankyou for ur help 

  • They are sisters :) so I din't see why is it bad to have same middle name :) some kids have their fathers name + junior... That is not out of the fashion yet, so I guess Rose for both of them is not bad. If anything, we are thinking of naming second child (in future when we finally manage to conceive...) with his/hers brother's first name as a middle name- Dylan. Which in our opinion is unisex and will be fantastic connection way between the two of them.  We live only once, they are your kids, name them the way you want and ignor others' "best opinions" :) 

    Congrats btw ;) I was on the bus then, so tried to reply fast :P 

  • Awww thats nice and very true :) 

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