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Two under two (19months apart)

Hello everyone. 

I am currently 36 weeks pregnant on my second baby. First born is 18 1/2 months old now ( He will be 19 1/2 months old when baby 2 is due). I'm getting really really anxious that I won't be able to manage two close together. My first born is a typical busy toddler but sleeps like a dream.

Any advice on how to cope with two close together?

They were both planned but as it's getting closer my anxiety levels are literally hitting the roof. Please say it's totally worth it, and I've done the best thing in having them close together😬😬 


  • Hey :)

    I have a now 19 month old & a 4 month old & I can honestly say it's totally worth it. I won't deny it can be hard work sometimes but the joys of having two beautiful children far outweigh any exhaustion. My toddler (like your own) is very active & unfortunately for me still doesn't sleep through the night but I manage. You've already done it all with your first so some things are so much easier with the second. You'll undoubtedly find things clash but I would say being organised is key & you'll find it gets easier to be more organised the more you do things. It's all a learning process & you'll find your way after all you know what's best for you and your two little ones.

    My eldest totally adores my youngest & vice versa and I can see the bond between them getting stronger as they grow with each other. It's a beautiful thing.

    If you can, do try to find some time where you can be with your eldest for you & them time alone - even if it's just in the next room while your youngest sleeps.I do a lot with both of my two together but I do find some time to have with just me & my eldest - our time.

    Try not to worry. Everything will work out just fine.

    Enjoy every moment, give lots of cuddles & just be your fantastic self. 

    Huge Congratulations x 

  • Thank you so much, that's given me a massive bit of confidence. I'm sure it'll be worth it, just going into the unknown again but I suppose it will be easier second time round Regardless.

    Thanks again. All the best xxxxx

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