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My husband is a backseat stroller driver?!

I'm a new mum that has recently transitioned from baby wearing to using a stroller as baby has gotten bigger .. the problem is every time I take my little one out with the hubby he constantly points out how I am either too slow or too fast or ' not giving way' .. he doesn't push the stroller coz he's too tall and the handles are way low for him .. It's getting annoying and I don't want to argue over it .. How do I go around this 


  • take no notice hun tell him that you feel comfortable pushing the stroller at whatever pace and that you dont see an issue and that if you walk fast then that is to take the strain of the child in the stroller either consider buying a new stroller that has higher handles for him to use do not take what he says into heart hes being out of order suggest too buy a new pram where you both can use therefor if he still has an issue with the way your pushing the pram he can take over good luck too you hope this helps there are many strollers out there with extendable handles :) stay calm and carry on x

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