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Kissing your baby on the lips: would you/do you let a stranger do it?


We've just read a story about a woman called Linda Hamer who was sitting in a cafe in Bolton with her baby grandson Nixon, when a complete stranger came up and said, “I am not leaving until I’ve kissed this baby." 

The stranger then, according to Linda, grabbed baby Nixon's cheeks and gave him a "prolonged" kiss ON THE LIPS.

Linda was horrified. "I would never kiss Nixon on the lips and he’s my grandson," she told the Manchester Evening News. "I think parents are permitted to kiss their own babies on the lips but random strangers.”

What do you think? Would you let a stranger kiss your baby on the lips? What about a family member - is that different? Do you kiss your own baby on the lips?

Please do tell what you think by adding a reply to this thread – we'd love to know!




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