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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in October 2016 Birth Club who have all given birth to an equally lovely baby – hurray! – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in October 2016 Birth Club so far but have just had a baby (born October 2016), do please feel free to post and join in. They're a lovely, friendly lot! 

And to kick this thread off, we've got a lovely little treat to send to everyone who joins this thread in the next week or so, so get posting! 




  • And might we just say, Welcome to the World: Matilda, Charlie Benjamin, Dexter, Rory Thomas, Ezra, Sam543's twins, Kaylin, Nancy Olivia, Grace, Orla, Maci Elouise and Bret. 

  • Morning all! Have been meaning to post for a few days now. Been thinking of you all. Sounded on the other thread like you are all doing so well And piglet managing to survive half term with a newborn and 3 other kiddies is a heck of an achievement!! 

    all good here with Dexter. He's such a little champ I love having him around and without wishing it away just can't wait for him to start smiling and interacting with us a bit more. We have however sadly reached the colic stage and that is tough. Lots of screaming, pretty much no sleep etc. Cue mummy meltdowns most nights at about 4am! Is anyone else at this stage and have any good tips either for settling him or coping with it myself? 

    Thanks ladies! Hope everything is good xx

  • Hi ladies, hope you are all well. It's going well here. Charlie is settling in well. We have good nights and not so good nights but he's feeding really well. He's grown so much. He's getting weighed tomorrow which should be interesting! 

    Half term was fine. hubby was still off fortunately. this week is first week on my own but older two are at school and third is in preschool. school run time is fun! hubby is doing it in the mornings atm but I'm doing pick up with all 4!

     I don't really have any advice re colic. Thankfully (touchwood) none of mine have suffered with it. hope it passes quickly for Dexter x

  • Hi guys! Glad everyone's sort of doing ok! Ezras doing well too. Since birth he's had the idea that day is night and night is day, so LOTS of sleepless nights and catching up on naps in the day. I had a proper meltdown last Friday due to the lack of sleep so my husbands having another week off this week to help out abit at night. Ezra will be 4 weeks on Thursday and I'd love to say he's settled into a routine but unfortunately not. He's been very sicky and cryey, i honestly think he's got reflux so been trying to burp often and giving him infacol, but no real improvement. I might take him to the docs soon to see about some baby gaviscon, or try gripe water. Sorry I haven't got any colic tips either! He's feeding well though, I'm going to weigh him next Tuesday but last weigh-in he was on target. I initially lost 1stone 8lbs but seemed to have stalled at that weight but cus of the c section not able to exercise yet! Can't wait till I can again! I too can't wait till Ezra is able to interact more.

  • Hi ladies, lovely to hear from you all.

    Nancy is settling in well! We also have good and bad nights, last night she went from half 10 until half 4 which is amazing, but I'm thinking it was a one off!! 

    The only thing I can advise on colic is the dr brown's bottles, they work wonders for some babies. They are quite pricey but worth it. We started Nancy off on these bottles to reduce the risk of her developing colic. So far so good (fingers crossed). xx 

  • Hi everyone!!

    maci has had her milk changed to constipation aptamil cause she was having belly aches but now fingers crossed shes on the way back to being happy! She's doing so well and is sleeping from around 11 til 4/5 then til 7/8!! I feel blessed conpared to some!! 

    Heres a little piccie of her! She's so smushy!💋

  • imageLittle Miss Nancy Olivia. 💕💕

    Picture taken yesterday! Possibly the fastest 2 weeks of my life! Time is flying by!! 

  • Hi all

    for colic reflux we have comfort milk baby gaviscon and colief (however that is very pricey) we also use dr brown bottles. The above however has made Tilly constipated.

    we are trialing some new bottles so will let you know how we get on. 

    Tilly is now over 5 weeks and up until 3 weeks was a nightmare I had a breakdown but then the above kicked in so keep at it it does get easier. Not sure if they change or we adapt to lack of sleep! 

    Lovely to to hear from everyone xx

  • Good morning ladies, 

    Grace has also got colic and i find colief to be my best friend at the minite but yes it is expensive. However i spoke to pharmacist and you can actually get it on prescription so thats what im going to do. my OH is on nights this week so it was a real test for me if i would cope but she has been a dream. Cant believe she is 3 weeks today and she is changing all the time hope you are all settling in to mummy life well x


  • Lovely to hear from everyone!! Thanks for the tips. Have ordered some colief and going to go and pick it up later so will give that a try!! I'm still breast feeding so hoping this will do the trick as really don't want to go to formula as we've battled so hard to keep breast feeding through his poor weight gain and then my milk supply that I really don't want to give up now when my supply is good and he's gaining weight so well!! We shall see. Had him weighed yesterday and he's now 8lb8oz so that's a 1lb1oz gain in 11 days! Very pleased with him!! Just keep telling myself when we get through the colic and he starts sleeping a bit everything will be much brighter!! Got 2 x 2.5 hour blocks of sleep last night and then he cluster fed from 3:30 until well now actually and it's the best night sleep I've had in ages, hanging is not the word!! Xx

  • Oh bear keep at it. I think if you were to go to formula your little one would still have colic as Matilda is bottle fed. 

    Yes you can get it on prescription my doctor wouldn't though which was a shame. Make sure you stick to the dosage though as can make them a tad constipated x

  • Aww beautiful babies!

    Beartobe sounds like you are doing amazing with the breastfeeding!

    Health visitor has just been. Chunky Charlie is now 10lbs 11oz. He's put on 1lb 4oz in 12 days! She measured him as well. He's 57cm. He's on the 91st centile for weight and height. Will be interesting to see if he stays a big lad as all my other kids are tiny! 


  • Hi Everyone, great to hear all your updates.

    Rory is grear, cant believe how fast they grow!

    still struggling to get him to settle in his Moses basket! .

  • Lovely to hear from you all

    mrs burns have you tried swaddling? Tilly isn't keen on the Moses basket only napping in it that's why we have the sleepy head in the crib to make her snug But if you dot want to buy one maybe swaddling will help x

  • Cberg- I was going to ask about the sleepyhead. It's so expensive! But tbh I'd pay anything to get him to sleep in his cot and not in our arms! Do you think it made a difference? 

  • Try wrapping him in a blanket when you cuddle him to sleep so when you put him down he's still wrapped in the blanket!! And you can also put a hot water bottle or a wheatie into the moses basket for a few mins before you put him down so it's warm for him to go into rather than cold!! Good luck!! Xx

  • I second swaddling. All of mine loved being swaddled and Charlie does too x

  • I recommend them But every baby is different. I Had 4 people recommend them to me. the first two weeks she slept on me and I put her in now she will go down herself with a light show and a Hoover sound So don't expect miracles like some reviews say But without it I'm unsure if she would have settled. She also doesn't have it in the day so she learns between night and day. do you know anyone you can lend one rom to try first? I wouldn't recommend buying a separate cover as there £50 as you can wash and dry it in a day X

  • CBerg-  Thanks! Yeah that's a good idea, my friend has one and couldn't recommend it enough. I think it's worth a go to be honest. He does like swaddling but as soon as I put him down, even swaddled, give him 5 mins and he'll wake up again! So frustrating. I'm hoping he'll take to the sleepyhead Instead. I think I might get one and give it a go, and I'll report afterwards how it goes. Lols. the things we do to get our baby to sleep! 


    My boy Ezra today, watching me cook in the kitchen! He's 4 weeks tomorrow! 

  • You can't put a price on sleep. Tilly is led in hers now awake with her light show but is content and will go off herself soon! and if ou stay anywhere else overnight you just take that and she won't even notice! They don't really fit in Moses basket though! X

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