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Ok very random question but....Baby B has the ocassional accident where poo gets on her vest, now as she doesn't have alot of washing i only do one full load a week for her, as im using different detergents for her than he rest of the family, however because i wait for a full load the stained clothes are obvisoulsy left for a few days, i use Vanish on them as im putting them in the machine and the majority of stains come out. however a few have not 😕. Does anyone know if i were to spray them straight away and then leave until i have the full load would it damage the clothes???


  • Hi hon, i just had something similar (a nosebleed) with my little girl - i had to soak the clothes with the blood on them in loads of Vanish powder and then wash them to get the stains out - they didn't come out after a normal wash with Vanish. So i suggest soaking the pooey clothes first in Vanish and then put them in the wash. 

  • Might sound silly but I did hear leaving them in direct sunlight helps?? My little girl is one now but I had the same problem... and that's what somebody told me but I never tried it 

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