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Can anybody give me advice on the best light-weight buggies/strollers for new-borns?

Much appreciated. 


  • Hi 

    I personally used Britax B-smart for my newborn (I like it, but it's certainly on a bulky side). Recently, came across this brand called micralite which I think specialise in light buggies. Here's their website -

    Hope it's helpful.


  • I bought a really good McClaren from eBay...there are loads of buggies on there in great condition and much cheaper than new.



  • Hi I was hoping to get this thread started again!

    Any great buggy offers. I’m looking into UppaBaby Vista

    Best places to buy? 


  • Hi Alf. My sisterinlaw got her Uppababy from one of those baby exhibitions. She knew she wanted that buggy and went down to one of the stands on the last day, and got a fair bit off. Also, i don't know when you are due but can you wait til black friday? Might get an offer there. Also, if they have released a new model of the buggy, shops might try and sell off the slightly older ones cheaper. 

    When i bought my baby stuff, i went to a local baby retailer, not a chain shop and i bought my buggy and cot there and they gave me a deal cause i bought a load of stuff. HTH x

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